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"Probably" seems to be the operative word at this store. I was downtown for a weekend-long event, and had the idea to print up some posters. Not a critical or sensitive task -- I called a few places to see if there were any print-shops up to the task. This UPS store was the only one that seemed able and willing to produce them quickly, and told me "we could probably get them in tonight" on a Friday. Sounded good to me, so I sent over the files. I came back on Saturday, talked to the same woman I spoke to over the phone. Posters weren't there, so she said that they'd "Probably" have them by Monday. OK, no big deal. I came back on Monday, this time there's a young kid behind the counter. He can't find my posters. Tells me they're "probably around here somewhere," and that he'd have the manager call me on Tuesday. The manager calls me Tuesday morning -- it's the same woman I spoke to on both Friday and Saturday. She doesn't remember me. I explain the situation -- that I'd sent files on Friday afternoon. She can't find them. Tells me they "probably got lost somewhere" ... and that if I can re-send the files they can get it done the same day. I tell her to forget the whole thing. Not worth it anymore. In any case, if you're okay with vague commitments to time, about four "probablies" along the way, and a staff that's selectively helpful, this is your place.
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Completely Unimpressed. I've never snubbed a waitress on a tip in my life, but The Sample Room has proven to be the exception and not the rule. I will echo other comments left here about a completely uninterested waitress with whom with we probably had a sum total of 30 seconds worth of interaction with over the course of the 90 minutes we were there. We were part of a larger group, ordered drinks, and a "salad" when we arrived, got them immediately, and then didn't see our server again for about 45 minutes (unless you count the 10 seconds she rushed over to grab the empty plate.) At which point my girlfriend and I decided we were done, and wanted to get the hell out. Then our server was apparently "too busy" to split our 3-party tab into its respective components, made more obnoxious by the fact that one of our party members hadn't even asked for his tab. Nail in the coffin -- I would have loved to have ordered some other things off the menu (and so would some of my compatriots,) but meager portion sizes, paired with deplorable service have added up to a big no from me. Not going back.
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