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My iOS app keeps showing a notification for #googlemaps. Nothing I do will make it go away have even resinstalled app and restarted my phone. Any advice??? 😩

Gmail Issue: Certain people on our domain are having issues not being alerted in gmail when certain shared files from drive are shared. Has anyone else had this issue/ got a solution? I have checked filters, etc. This has only become an issue in the past month or so with no settings being changed on these accounts #gmailissue #helpdesk #thanks

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Share and go into the draw to WIN tickets to a GAFE New Zealand Summit in a location near you!  Post in our GEGNZ G+ community and share how you are using technology to enhance learning in your class, school or community.  You MUST include the hashtag to identify which summit or summits you would like to attend: #gafesummitAKL #gafesummitWELLY #gafesummitCHCH

Terms and Conditions:
Prize includes registration only to one Gafe Summit per person. Excludes pre conference workshops, accommodation, travel and any other related expenses. 
Posts up until 12 midnight on April 1 2016 go in the draw

Auckland - April 18 + 19 -
Wellington - April 26 + 27 -
Christchurch - April 28 + 29 -

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Tonight's #GEGNZ   Spotlight now on demand.
Computational Thinking in Education. Includes doc with links to some amazing  resources and recommendations shared by tonight's presenters. 
Ka mau te wehi!
Thanks again to +Matt Richards +Sallyann Williams +Meridith Ebbs +James Robson +Rebecca Vivian 

Hi Everyone. I have just had a teacher call me with a document a student created being inappropriate and wanting it deleted ASAP. The only way I was able to do this was login as the student. Is there a better way to delete specific documents created by a user? Even when I logged in as the super admin I 'move to trash' was grey. Thanks :)

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Discuss computational thinking (CT) in education.

CT is a problem solving process that includes a number of characteristics and dispositions. It is essential to the development of computer applications, but it can also be used to support problem solving across all disciplines, including the humanities, mathematics and science. Students who learn CT across the curriculum can begin to see a relationship between academic subjects, as well as between life inside and outside of the classroom. 

Sally-ann Williams (Google)+Sallyann Williams 
Rebecca Vivian (CSER)+Rebecca Vivian 
Meridith Ebbs (PEIC)  +Meridith Ebbs 
James Robson (Forrest Hill School) 

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Guess it's time to embrace change! #gci

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  #ulearn15  +Justine Driver  and +Fiona Grant  are hosting a #GEGNZ  breakout on Thursday 8th and are hoping to connect with new and existing GEGNZ community members. Can't make it to the session... join the GEGNZ Google+ Community 

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My latest 'project', Miss Piper @ 3 months 
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