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Dave Loft
Web designing, blogging, gaming, music loving, Android touting, comic reading, podcast and audio book listening, tech obsessing geek.
Web designing, blogging, gaming, music loving, Android touting, comic reading, podcast and audio book listening, tech obsessing geek.

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That's a one a big a lougie Luigi

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An actually decent article about Google's new direction from The Verge

I love this quote "the Pixel fits in the high-end Android market precisely where Samsung’s exploding Note 7s left a hole."

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This article seems to gloss over the benefits of the Pixel Phones.

- Not having bloatware from OEM and carrier
- First to have the latest version of Android
- Advanced Gyro sensor built into phone, instead of VR headset, which is why Google's VR is cheaper than Samsung's
- That very same advanced Gyro sensor negates the need for OIS as it provides precise movement tracking 200 times per second
- It has Google assistant
- It comes with unlimited cloud storage for full size images and 4K video
- from anyone who's actually held the phone it offers build quality on par with Apple and Samsung
-It has the highest rated camera according to DxOmark

It certainly has enough to justify equal pricing to Samsung and Apple.

But I agree it certainly won't sell as many this generation as they're competition, but that has everything to do with people just buying what they know and what everyone else has and not because of them being a higher quality product.

But I disagree it will be a flop.
It's lacking a lot of things the competition has but is priced with the competition. This phone will flop, but Google will learn and improve it.

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I'm going to go ahead and disagree with this.

First, people actually like escaping reality, VR does this well, AR does not.

AR will very much be akin to smartphones, its use will be very prolific. But to say its the future is akin to saying a smartphone is the only computer you need. And while a smartphone may be my most used computing device, sometimes I just want to sit in from of a big display with a keyboard and mouse and get immersed in what I'm doing, same will be true for VR.

Also to say VR is anti social shows a lack of vision for where VR can go. I could theoretically meet with my friend on the other side of the world face to face in a virtual world. Or I could be on a business trip and play a game of catch with my son back home. In what way is this anti social?

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Quite possibly the funniest picture I've ever seen. Bonus points for Jared Leto. Just perfect. Whoever spotted it is a genius.

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Having to install another app on each computer every time I format or get a new computer. Annoying.

Having to keep an app up to date rather than use the always up to date web version. A pain.

Using a dedicated app to stream music from the cloud. No thank you.

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Nexus 9 running Android N with the new folders and Google Play icons.

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Stunning shot.
It's had a bit of post-processing (quite clever work if you see the original NASA pic here: but picture like this make me feel very, very small.
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