A similarly named blog called 'joeyisalittlekid' was originally created by an unknown who calls himself (or herself), "Ginger Snap".  This blog was created in an effort to cyberbully some guy named 'Joey Dauben'. Unfortunately, the incarceration of Joey made our poor little Ginger Sniplet a very bored little boy (or girl) who needed to find yet another victim for his childish whims. Enter William Windsor. Bill is a southern gent from the state of Georgia who became fed up with judicial corruption in his home town. When people started relating their many stories of injustice to him, he didn't turn his back. Without the conveniences of a crew, and the American people as his cast, he rode his little white mini van into the sunset and set out to save America. He has spent almost a whole year of his own time travelling from state to state in an honest effort to collect stories from a predetermined number of 700 victims. As he made his way through all 50 states, the number quickly grew to thousands. Bill has become the poster child for those hoping for justice in America and has inspired many to step forward and be heard. This made our little Ginger very excited. He took to his keyboard and started using his blog to gain the following of those who, like himself, felt they had been rejected for various reasons. Most were found to have created fraudulent stories or became disenchanted by the lack of attention that they felt they deserved from Bill and his helpers. Like spoiled children, they've been having temper tantrums ever since. They have stalked pages and trolled the weekly Talk shoe meetings in an effort to get back at Bill. Ginger has created his own following of little cookie crumbs and they have been so busy snickerdoodling around that they have failed to notice that they too, have been watched. As our spicy little Ginger Sniplet has learned to use his copy and paste function in an effort to make it look like he has really written something special, his grade school insults and antics about Bill and the Lawless crew have actually encouraged some to check out the Lawless site for themselves! Many have now come out of curiosity after seeing Ginger's blogs and have decided to add their stories for review. That's probably not the way that Ginger and his sticky little crumbs envisioned their diabolical scheme to work, but I guess that's just the way this cookie crumbles! 
This blog is designed for those who would like to keep track of little Ginger's oh so intelligent posts and stealthy Talk shoe comments regarding the happenings in Lawless America. (Don't worry Gingerbread boy...we didn't REALLY know that was you and your crumbs trying to distract people from the show! wink). This blog will use some of the very techniques that our little Ginger snippy has used to roll his way out of the cookie jar and onto the list of google fame with honest followers using pseudonyms such as 'nothing better to do'. 
Since this blogger is too tired to want to mix any more dough right now, I guess it will have to chill until tomorrow.
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