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Reviewing Your Online Storefront for the Year Ahead
Keeping your online presence fresh is paramount for an effective website, which is why, with a New Year ahead, business owners should take stock of their online storefront and ensure it is offering a prevalent presence.
What Is a Prevalent Presence?
Your prevalence, or popularity on any given search engine, is largely based on your relevance. Which is why it is important to continually offer fresh content, update your website annually, ensure you have all the social media platforms in place directing people back to your site, and have an SEO company checking in on your online traffic flow.
In order to help you do this, Net 360 Solutions offers…
Affordable Website Design Including:
Custom Designed Website Pages
Professional ‘User-Friendly’ Layout
Programmed with ‘Google Friendly’ Language
Custom Home Page Banner
Contact Form & Business Location Map
Pre-Completion Website Revisions
3 Custom Email Addresses if Hosted With Us
Or perhaps you don’t require an entire website creation, but simply want a website re-design; we can help with that too, providing you with:
A free analysis of your current website
A no-charge consultation
Design ideas for your new website
A quotation for your website re-design
In addition, we offer Social Media Maintenance, which plays a massive role in your presence based on these facts alone:
Currently YouTube & Facebook are the most viewed websites after Google
There are over 1.8 Billion users on Facebook Worldwide
Canadians spend more than 36 hours/month online – more than any other Nation
The majority or mobile Internet users in Canada visit Social Media websites
Maintaining your online storefront is more affordable than you might think. Whether you are a small startup company, or a company that has been in business for many years and recognize the need to embrace current marketing methods – Net 360 Solutions is your local provider of website services, and we are here to help ensure your company has a successful 2018!
Feel free to call us at (604) 510-0011 or visit us at 19985 68th Ave #2, in Langley. We look forward to enjoying a prosperous New Year with you!
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Image Is Everything

When it comes to your online presence, image truly is everything. Whether you have a poorly constructed site with little to no images, or a newer site with massive image files that are unknowingly taking up a vast amount of time on a potential customers device, both are an area of concern.

Research Shows Importance of Visual Marketing
Visual marketing is said to hold up to 37% or more of your buyer’s attention, with blog content coming in first for the lead at 38% of visuals being a factor to your online audience.

As with any storefront, it is what consumers first see when arriving at your website, and we all know what they say about first impressions!

Click-Through Rates Fall if Images Fail
Whether it’s a social media post prompting customers to take action to click over to your site, a blog directory item, or your first page of website content, your click-through rate is directly impacted based on your images.

Being such a simple solution it seems like a no-brainer for companies to correct this issue, but a lack of awareness or know-how is part of the problem when it comes to visually appealing content.

Optimizing Your Images Also Matters
The right image can make a big impact, and so can optimizing that image. This means creating the proper tags for each image you post, and adding a URL so it has the potential to lead a customer somewhere if they so choose to click on it.

These factors all aid in your Google platform, and are well-worth the added step to ensure you are getting the most out of your online image files.

At Net 360 Solutions, we are here to help you create the most up-to-date website possible within your budget available. We offer a team of professional designers who will create a fresh new website for your business. Your new website will be professionally built using the latest website technologies and include:
• Custom Designed Website Pages
• Professional ‘User-Friendly’ Layout
• Programmed with ‘Google Friendly’ Language
• Custom Home Page Banner
• Contact Form & Business Location Map
• Pre-Completion Website Revisions
• 3 Custom Email Addresses if Hosted With Us

So give us a call , and allow us to help give your site the image your company deserves!
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The Predicted Evolution for Social Media in 2018
Social media is still in its infancy as it pertains to the World Wide Web as a whole, so knowing what it is going to look like as it matures, and what that means to business owners utilizing its massive reach is important. Which is why Net 360 Solutions is here to help you better understand ‘The Predicted Evolution for Social Media in 2018’, as we approach a New Year and look to improve upon our business models to grow business and revenue alike!
The Evolution of Social Media Thus Far
It was only in 2006 that Facebook began building its empire, and Twitter one short year after that. When these social mediums began, they were used primarily as a mean to stay in touch with friends and family, and had no real motive as it pertained to business.
That soon changed, and has literally created a marketing revolution, providing branding abilities beyond what anyone could have ever dreamed possible.
Individuals from all walks of life are now able to create their own brand identity through Facebook, Twitter, and especially YouTube, generating reams of income and become famous for things that were unforeseeable in very recent history.
This democratic online system has allowed individuals, corporations and small businesses alike to become part of a mainstream search engine, and allow people to base their buying decisions off of what their peers and celebrity icons are saying, and not just what high-paid marketing professionals are telling them through traditional print, TV and outdoor advertising platforms.
It is the new “how the west was won” model of doing business, and being a part of it now means doing business with near immediate results, quantifiable data, and referrals unlike the word-of-mouth system of yesteryear.
Rise of Video Marketing – the Social Media Evolution for 2018
It goes without saying that giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are going to continue to revolutionize the marketplace; so what then is set to make the biggest impact in 2018? Live video.
Live video is a fast growing trend that allows people to become real-time broadcasters, giving anyone and everyone the ability to showcase whatever it is they choose to market. From promoting a product, to sharing a human experience, to capturing a funny impromptu moment, video is the wave that will help you as a business owner to create a movement within your marketing, and help consumers make their buying decisions at a glance!
At Net 360 Solutions, we’re here to help you with the process that is social media, aiming to assist you in revolutionizing your business with this ongoing social media evolution …one that shows no signs of slowing down!

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Video Marketing for Small Businesses in 3 Easy Steps!

A lot of times small business shy away from video marketing thinking that it will be too costly or too time-consuming - but neither needs to be the case. In fact, we wanted to share with our reading audience these creative tips on how to create ‘Video Marketing for Small Businesses in 3 Easy Steps!’.
Tell a Story
Instead of making your video a sales pitch, which most people will usually tune out anyway, create a story that will describe your business while engaging your potential customers.
Engaging stories most often involve a human-interest piece. Why your company started (passion), how you help your community (purpose), who your service has impacted – and other such life-touching events.
Stories people can relate to are the ones that become viral on social media, and having a viral video in your hands means a ton of potential marketing exposure online as users begin to share it among friends, which allows the video to take on a life of it’s own and becoming what’s known as “viral”.
Share a Story
Having others tell your story is also a great way to get your customers involved, while showing potential customers that you are a well-liked company. Buyers are much more likely to take the word of an outside source referencing a business, over a business simply stating who they are, what they do and how they can service their customers. So if possible – have your customers share their story.
Create a Musical
Not literally. But when you combine the right visual aids, text and music, it can be a cost friendly and effective way to create a concise :15 to :30 video that people will take the time to watch.
With the right mixture of visuals, trending music, along with humorous and relatable content, people will pass this along on their social channels and it will create it’s own self-propelled windfall!
At Net 360 Solutions, we are happy to provide you with Video Marketing. Join one of the fastest growing marketing trends with an online video and let the power of video take your business to a whole new level.

Our Video Marketing services include:
Pre-production consultation
On-site filming
Post editing
File uploading

Professional on-site videos start at just $895. Contact us today to get yours!
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Top Social Media Enhancements for a ‘Call to Action’ Christmas
Christmas shopping no longer entails browsing store shelves for hours while tackling throngs of people to do so. Modern consumers now turn to their handheld devices to make their buying decisions, and within that – their social media pages.
The Buying Influencer of Social Media
Today over 64% of buying decisions are based on social media exposure, according to Crowdtap. Whether browsing for inspiration through sponsored ads and posts, looking to celebrities for what they are recommending on their social media sites, or perusing which business and products peer groups are choosing – social media is a massive factor you shouldn’t factor out when implementing your Christmas marketing plan.
Blog About It to Maximize Buying Decisions
In addition to social media staples like Facebook and Pinterest, blogs are also a big influencer in buying decisions, with over 55% of shoppers researching products and services via the written word.
So whatever it is your business is offering – create a Christmas spin to a blog post (or two) about it, add a promotion within that, and provide a must-have call to action somewhere in the mix too.
How else can you create a social media ‘call to action’ Christmas?
Start Fresh – Ensure that the photos associated with your social media set the tone for the season, enhancing all your images to give them a white-space Christmas appeal.
Hashtag the Holly Out of Your Social Media – Be sure to use hashtags on all your social media sites, maintaining a consistent theme with particular hashtags associated JUST with your store. Mainstream hashtags are important, but so too are unique ones that stay consistent with your brand.
Create an Offer – What better way to help prompt a call to action than by providing an unbeatable deal. Christmas is usually the peak season for businesses, most of which are making 20% of their revenue in just this one month. So utilize the added revenue, and ramp up your marketing budget to maximize sales potential.
Help Create Memories – One of the biggest marketing tools in the marketplace of ideas, is playing on the heartstrings of consumers. Displaying images and videos that will appeal to the Christmas memories and spirit of the masses, will help add nostalgia to buying decisions and create “must-have” appeal to your call-to-action objectives.
Be a Wish Granter – Perhaps your company is in the position to make a difference in an individual’s life, or even throughout your community. Have your staff come together to create an idea about how you could grant a wish for someone, or for your entire community – and watch the viral nature a feel-good moment can create!
At Net 360 Solutions, it is our passion to help local businesses succeed, so give us a call and find out how we can help you do so quickly and affordably this Christmas season!
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When Is the Best Time to Use Email Marketing?
Email Marketing can be used to effectively keep in touch with prospects, helping to generate sales, and offer an excellent way to maintain that ‘top of mind’ position with your customers. Which is why the answer to ‘When Is the Best Time to Use Email Marketing?’ is – ALWAYS!
Email marketing is a powerful tool that can provide businesses with traceable results, which includes seeing who opened their email, and which ones clicked on the links within that email. In fact, email and e-newsletter marketing are considered to be the second most effective tool for generating conversions, just behind SEO.

Generating Business Through Email Marketing
Email marketing can help you to quickly generate business from new or existing clients, as well as maintain or raise company awareness while building great client relations.

Our Email Marketing Services in Langley Include…
Custom website form(s)
E-marketing review & strategy
Monthly management
Tracking statistics & reports

In addition, we ensure personalized emails are sent to customers in an ongoing manner, offering sales, promotions and/or other incentives to help individuals with their buying decisions, using our email marketing system as a reason to buy from you or utilize your service.

The Benefits of Email Marketing
The benefits of email marketing include areas such as: engaging with and enticing your audience to buy, increasing your brand awareness, and building customer relations in a manner that relates to their buying needs and how your product or service can help them in one way or another.

Whether you gather email addresses through your website, collect data on Facebook or in-store, there are many ways to begin making email marketing work for you, and have people arriving at your storefront ready to buy based on the latest promotion or benefit described in your email campaign.

Allow our team at Net 360 Solutions to put together a beneficial and traceable email campaign for your business before 2017 runs out, providing your clients with additional reasons to buy from you, converting them into a customer and making the coming year ahead further profitable with our digital marketing solutions!
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Staying on Top of ‘Real Time’ in the Online World

With school back in session and businesses gearing up for a busy season ahead, knowing how to optimize your online presence in the best way possible plays an important role in your ROI. Part of an optimized website - especially as far as Google is concerned, is staying on top of your ‘real time’ content, which Net 360 Solutions is here to help explain!
What Is ‘Real Time’ in the Digital Marketing World?
Digital marketing is definitely all about real time, which means that potential customers seeking out your business online are looking for the most current sales, promotions, ‘How To’ blog entries, and other such “what’s in it for me” current content on your website and social media feeds.
Real time is a very real thing to the savvy online audience of circa 2017, and potential buyers want to see what you have to offer at a click of a button …otherwise they are likely to head over to your competitors site that Google is making readily available to them.
Mobile Friendly – an Important Part of Real Time
If you have yet to redesign your website in order to be mobile friendly, now is the right time to do so and Net 360 Solutions can help! We offer…
A free analysis of your current website
A no-charge consultation
Design ideas for your new website
A quotation for your website re-design
Social Media – the Mogul of Real Time
Did you know that YouTube and Facebook are the most viewed sites after Google? With nearly 2 billion users worldwide on Facebook – and growing daily – it is the Mecca of social media mediums? This is where your potential buyers are going to look for you in real time …so ensure you have a presence, offering regular and relevant postings to help onlookers make their buying decisions. Something we are happy to help with!

Google – The Real Time Search Engine
Digital Marketing is one of the MOST targeted ways to market your business and is more effective and less costly than most traditional marketing avenues. Consumers are looking to find you on Google, so ensure they can!

Whether you are looking for social media marketing, a refresh on your website in order to make it mobile friendly, or a full digital marketing package - our team of Internet professionals will help to deliver the top ranking results for your website, and we look forward to doing so!
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How To Help Your Business Boom for Fall – With Digital Marketing
Digital marketing remains ones of the most effective ways to reach your buying audience in a measurable way. It allows you to track where your traffic is coming from, how long they are staying on any given page, and basically uncover what is and isn’t working on all platforms.
Whether it’s tallying up who opened your monthly newsletter, checking in to see how many people reacted to your boosted posts on Facebook, or how traffic is arriving at your website – these are all measurable ways in which digital marketing is well-worth the investment.
Make Your Website 2018 Worthy
As we move ahead into yet another new year – and nearly a new decade – it is important that your website is running at the level it needs to be to reach a worldwide audience. Part of a “worthy website” includes ensuring it is mobile-friendly. A website that can only be viewed via a desktop computer, is a website that is missing out on a massive audience-base, as most people utilize one of many mobile devices they carry with them literally at all times.
A mobile site is something Net 360 Solutions can affordably create for you, helping to ensure you are current, seen, and further booming your business for fall.
Be Social Media Savvy
If you have yet to launch any sort of social media site, this is definitely the year to do is. Social media giants, such as Facebook, are the way in which people receive referrals and peer group approval for a variety of products and services. So don’t miss out on this massive audience thinking that it’s a “silly little thing”, when it is, in fact, one of the top ranked ways to market a business.
That being said, Net 360 Solutions can help you launch, maintain and grow your business on a wide-range of social media sites in an incredibly cost-effective way.
These are just two simply steps to get your business current and help it begin to boom for fall, and although it is not a magic solution that will turn a failing business into a thriving one, these are both imperative parts of the puzzle that modern businesses utilize to grow.
At Net 360 Solutions, we have helped many businesses throughout Greater Vancouver – including Surrey, Langley, and Abbotsford – to substantially grow their business online. We offer local digital marketing services, and will review your site for free in order to come up with a comprehensive plan that will help make your business boom!
So give us a call at 604-510-0011 to quickly and affordably get started by the time the first autumn leaf falls!
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Facebook is the Mecca of social media platforms, with nearly 2 billion – yes we said BILLION, active users filtering through the site daily. It is the most utilized social media forum, and as such, businesses are choosing to use it as an added means to market their products and services as part of their digital marketing agenda.

That being said, it is one thing to have a presence on social networks, but another thing entirely to have your Facebook audience exposed to and engaged with your content. Which is why Net 360 Solutions would like to share these ‘Top Tools to Increase Exposure and Engagement on Facebook’, in order to explain what it takes to be an engaging part of this platform.

Target an Audience Specific to Your Brand
As of around 2015, Facebook began making changes to their algorithms, and as such – businesses started to see their ads performing differently. With so much competition and content to be displayed within a Facebook, this social media giant now suggest companies really narrow down their target audience to not only age and location, but preferences based on target keywords.

Be Time Sensitive With Your Postings
Facebook is endlessly doing market research, which is of great benefit to those marketing with them. Within this research, it was concluded that the best time to post is either early in the morning (before 8am) or later in the evening (8pm – midnight). The reason behind this is fairly simple: people tend to check their Facebook before work and later in the evening when they are relaxing at home. This is when people are the most engaged in their newsfeed, and not just mindlessly scrolling through during their lunch hour.

Alternately, regular daytime hours on weekends also is a great time for engagement, as less businesses maintain their pages over the weekend, offering added exposure and less clutter to contend with.

Video Killed the Regular Star
Posting videos also adds to the engagement factor, quickly capturing audience attention and effortlessly playing automatically on any given newsfeed.

However, make sure you are directly posting videos from your device, and not simply sharing from YouTube or other portals, as this will ensure it plays automatically.

If possible, create videos that play off of your recent blog posts, or upload a video that can help viewers utilize your product or service, or address FAQ within your video to best optimize your engagement factor.

In addition, if your company has someone available to utilize the ‘Facebook Live’ video feature, it has been reported that people will watch this style of video 3-times longer due to the nature of it being live, creating the idea of importance.

Which begs to mention, if you ARE going to generate a live video, know what the subject matter is, how responses are going to be handled, and the length of time in which you will be live.

Offer Awesome Content
Awesome content is definitely subjective, but what we mean when we say this, is to ensure you are utilizing attention-grabbing images with a short written blurb to go with it.

Visuals are 40-times more likely to get shared than simple words on a screen – so make every post count by making them ridiculously awesome and share-worthy.

Fast Facts…
– YouTube & Facebook are the most viewed websites after Google
– There are over 1.8 Billion users on Facebook Worldwide
– Canadians spend more than 36 hours/month online – more than any other Nation
– The majority or mobile internet users in Canada visit Social Media websites

If you feel your company currently only has a presence on social media, and would like to change that in order to maximize your online returns, allow our Internet Marketing Professionals to design a targeted social media program today, and help you increase your engagement and business as a whole!
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Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Imperative
Did you know that the online world is only 2 decades old? Created in 1997, the inter-web is used by the masses to research, purchase, play and stay in touch with the world, and is merely in its early adulthood of creations - which is why mobile sites are still emerging.
Out of the 1 million mobile sites created as of 2007, over 150 million are said to be created by the end of 2017, leading us to ‘Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Imperative’ if you are a business owner – helping you stay part of the modern marketing model that will result in business growth.
Consumers Are Mobile, You Need to Be Too
Over 3 billion individuals worldwide use a mobile device, whether to call, text or shop – they are on their device all day every day. So by not having a mobile-friendly site, it means that your business will not be able to be properly found or utilized by those looking for you on their phone, tablet, and other such mobile means utilized on the go.
With over 40% of people using their mobile devices to go online, a website that is not compatible with mobile devices results in over 40% of potential buyers having been lost.
Don’t get lost in the crowd when setting up a mobile site is easier and more affordable than you might think, resulting in…
- Convenient access to your online storefront, helping to increase your sales
- Consistent brand awareness
- Being competitive with the competition …if you can’t be found, you can’t be utilized

Overall, having a mobile-friendly website compatible with mobile devices will better allow you to maintain your branding, reach your buying audience, stay ahead of or at least competitive with the competition, and bring you into the fold of the other 150 million mobile ready companies.

Your website runs at all hours, 24/7, so make sure it isn’t turning away potential customers simply because it is not a mobile-friendly site.

Stay current with the help of Net 360 Solutions; a local community of digital marketing experts who have helped hundreds of companies grow their business online. We provide online business solutions that include digital marketing, social media marketing, website design and reputation management.

So give us a call today, and allow our Digital Marketing Professionals to show you powerful ways to help your business grow and get you mobile quickly!
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