Don't be fooled by the DOJ's anti-trust theater. Remember Bastiat's "the seen and the unseen."
Those who understand Austrian-school economics know that it is the consumer who decides the value of all goods. In a voluntary exchange, if the consumer does not value the product he buys more than the price he must pay, there's no exchange. Period. So government's overreach protection is completely unnecessary.

Cartels cannot function without the legislative support of the state which stems from cultural support from the public. Would there be drug cartels without the "war on drugs"? Would there be a war on drugs without massive support from those profiting from it? Institutionally, this means; the agency employees, the lawyers, the judges, the prison system, the cops, not to forget the dealers themselves. Then there's support from the public itself, too ideological to be logical.

This situation differs from the drug war only by the degree of the outward devastation. It advances the attack on free markets and actually solidifies the very thing it purports to fight. By themselves, cartels are short-lived. Prices can't be fixed high because the pressure to take advantage of competitive markets is inherent in the free market. However, win or lose in court, the further institutionalization of anti-trust actions will ensure the biggest players control the market.
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