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What's it like to work for TWO publishing companies at the same time? Today, my bride, Erin Rhew​ gives you the lowdown on deadlines, edits, some amazing up-coming books, and our foray back to when the country was but a collection of colonies!

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Take a ride back in time, 300 years to Colonial Williamsburg as Erin Rhew​ and I journey to one of the oldest cities in America. See everything that is "Ye Olde," find out what it's like to be the the king's representative, learn where Martha Washington used to live, and where Blackbeard's men had their last meal.

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Ye Olde Colonial Williamsburg
This weekend, Erin and I took a weekend off from the cray of everyday life and headed back in time to Colonial Williamsburg. I LOVE American history. In Oregon, every kid gets to visit Oregon City and the End of the Oregon Trail, walk along part of the trai...

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Teri Polen Guest Post - Does Anyone Still Read Horror?
I'm fortunate to have author, Teri Polen grace my blog today. She's a YA horror author from Bowling Green, KY, who's just released her debut novel, Sarah . Take it away, Teri! “So, the book you’re writing, what’s it about? Families and their lives?” “No, it...

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People literally judge a book by it's cover. Today, +Erin Rhew Books discusses the importance of choosing the right cover design artist.

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There's so much book news happening, that I had to write a blog post to keep it all wrangled. Podcasts, audiobooks, libraries, and features. Stop by to get the latest and greatest of book randomness.

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Book Randomness
Erin is in the Library What? Yep, it's true! My beautiful brilliant bride's books are starting to grace the shelves of your public library! Now you can checkout her amazing books from the NC Cardinal Library! The Prophecy The Outlanders The Fulfillment I'm ...

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I was interviewed by the awesome, Joseph Bendoski last week.

First, read the about how to manipulate the world and everyone around you with a with a set of psychology rules and boatload of moxie.

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For the second part, Joseph interviewed me live! Hear about Joe's favorite parts, my brilliant editors, +Erin Rhew Books and +Anya Kagan, my amazing cover artist, +Anita B. Carroll, and more!

NOTE: There's a 45 second gap after the introduction.

Here's some of the highlights if you want to skip to them:
24 Minutes - Anya
25 Minutes - 122 Rules Redemption
29 Minutes - Anita
31 Minutes - Erin
33 Minutes - Joe discusses my writing style
35 Minutes - I talk about my favorite scene
38 Minutes - The great, "Also, it was short." debate.
46 Minutes - Pen names
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