If you are interested in learning when you should put your video on your website as well as when you should put it on YouTube read this article.
You've got your videos. You love your videos. But what’s the most effective way to leverage them?
In this instalment we are looking at what to do with your videos after they’re made.
You'll learn how to give your videos an advantage in Google results, discover the BIG Mistake that most companies make with Youtube.
How best to use Youtube for your business, and what you can do to help increase how many people share on social media and embed your video on their sites.
This Guide is broken up into 3 sections.
1. Where you should publish your videos – especially when to choose between hosting them on your own website and putting them on Youtube.
2. What you should do to the videos you host on your own site to give them the best leverage and advantage to your competitions.
3. And finally we cover the Video Giant Youtube: and look at some best and worst practices. #videomarketingtips   #videomarketingstrategy   #videomarketing  
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