Do you have a media calendar for the holidays? 
Having a plan on how and where you plan to post and promote your content and products will make your efforts much more effective. The holidays are a perfect time to participate in an event with cultural significance. If you can become culturally relevant you will become part of the tradition and therefore part of the group’s social subconscious.

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Creating a Holiday Social Media Calendar

Creating a social media plan starts with (#1) understanding what each network can bring to your business.

For the holidays, you’ll want to focus your efforts on a select group of social media sites that will offer the right features for connecting with your audience.

Once you've (#2) decided which social networks you want to focus on, (#3) it’s time to start laying out your schedule.

To help get the ball rolling, we’ve brainstormed a list of creative post ideas perfect for each of these popular networks (below)!

Use these ideas for inspiration. Choose the ones that make sense for your audience, and add your business’s unique personality to make them your own.

The final piece in your social media plan (#4) will be deciding on a frequency to post on each platform.

Check out the example of what your calendar might look like for December that +Ryan Pinkham put together on our blog:
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