Advice for re-branding your online identity
Renaming your company? Update your social media presence with these tips from Angular and Moz

Start early and plan carefully!

Michael Fine of +Angular (formerly Virante Search Marketing)​  writes about the steps they took to rebrand their Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google+ profiles.

Earlier this year +Erica McGillivray​  wrote a similar detailed article about the rebranding of +Moz​   Her article also includes changing your identity on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

The take home messages:

- start working on updating your social media profiles as early as you can. Some social media sites (like Facebook) can take weeks to update.

- it helps to be an advertiser on the social media platform before you start making the change. Advertisers can often get direct support that regular users cannot.

- all of this takes careful planning - not only will the names of your profiles need to be updated, but you will also need new art for profile and cover images. 

- and be ready to answer questions and direct customers, clients and users to any new website or social media profile, as soon as your re-brand launches how to rebrand your social media accounts  
Angular: rebranding strategies for social media

(via +Mark Traphagen​) 
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