More information about Pinterest and marketing 
1.Adoption is ramping up: Pinterest, launched in 2010, is also seeing a huge bump in adoption. The latest data shows that 21% of US adult internet users are on Pinterest, according to Pew, a significant 40% jump over the proportion who used it just one year before. 

2.Millennials are taking to it: They have bumped up their use of Pinterest more than any other social network, according to data from the Harvard Institute of Politics. Between fall 2013 and spring 2014, the percentage of 18- to 29-year-olds using Pinterest rose from 25% to 33%, a greater adoption increase than Snapchat's. 

3.The site is also most popular among the wealthiest consumers.
It is still female-centric:Women remain the uncontested leaders on the visual- and commerce-focused social network. Women are more than four times as likely to use the service as men, Pew found. The number of men on Pinterest increased 3 percentage points to 8% penetration in 2013, compared to women whose presence on Pinterest rose 8 percentage points to 33% penetration.

4.Europe is a weak spot: But as fast as Pinterest has caught on in the U.S., it still isn't especially popular in Europe. GlobalWebIndex found that only 3% of European web users use Pinterest.
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