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I have given my Hangout post a face-lift. I have added 2 new and important points to the original post. 
I have updated the “Broadcast Hangout Checklist” on my personal website's blog.
There is new information about firewire cameras and adjusting settings when you log into a hangout
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Do you think doing sales is hard and people actively try to avoid talking with salespeople?
Do you think interacting with salesmen is an annoying experience?
Read my new article and what I plan on being a new series about positive reinforcement sales.
Why People Don’t Like Salesmen. Is There Something Wrong With Sales?
I plan on the Positive Reinforcement Sales articles becoming a somewhat regular series on my personal site.
If you would like to know about what people think of salesmen all you need to do is type
Salesmen are
into a Google search. The results I got doing this are
Salesmen are liars
Salesmen are annoying
Salesmen are scum
It looks like salespeople do not have a very good reputation.
When you use aversive tricks to make a sale you are in an arms race with customers. As your customers catch on to your tricks you will constantly need to come up with new maneuvers, traps, and deceptions to overcome their counter measures.

I will also talk a little about ritualized aggression and how it can help build trust between you and your customers. 
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New post on my new Social Media Video website
At this time the website mainly highlights videos I have recently seen. However, I am working on an editorial calendar for the site. When I start adding more of my content it should become a more useful resource. 
If you are interested in learning how to using video more effectively I have some how to videos posted. In addition I have several general videos that show how social video is being used to enhance community, conversation, and business goals.  
I have posted a video of a friend's band VALDIVIA X on my new Social Media Video website
I have been debating whether I should try to sell this website or start developing it. I am moving toward the direction of developing the site, however if someone offered me enough for it? 
Comments are disabled on the site, so if you have an comments please leave them on this Google + post.
Thanks and I am wishing you all the best
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Do you know the FTC rules for endorsements from influencers?

Now that we have collections in G+ I am posting mainly on my profile page. Unless I get a job that can use the Business Lunch Club I will probably post on this business page less and less. 
Oh my goodness, the monster behind online promotions – that’s right – FTC rules on disclosure
FTC Rules On Disclosure Is A Synopsis Of Brian Heidelberger’s Video
Video link
Unfortunately the video uses flash

Here is a rundown of some of the main points in the video. I suggest you watch the video to get additional information and a better understanding.

1. Enforcement is focused on advertisers and PR/ad agencies
2. You need to disclose if the audience doesn’t understand the speaker’s relationship with the item being promoted.
3. FTC says you need to post a disclosure even if a product is only being used. (I want to see this one enforced in a major motion picture) So much for product placement.
4. Technically, if you compensate someone to share a post it needs to be disclosed
5. The FTC suggests that advertisers should not encourage compensation for the use of features that do not allow for disclosure, such as likes on FaceBook or +1s on G+
6. Links to pages with a disclosure are no longer sufficient to satisfy the FTC.
7. Advertisers are libel for the actions of its advertising agency in regards to ensuring that influencers use the proper disclosures.
8. In addition, the advertising agency is also responsible, even if the advertiser signs off on the campaign
9. Disclosure contracts with bloggers and influencers are not enough, an agency/advertiser also needs to monitor the influencers activity and if there are inappropriate promotions then the agency/advertiser needs to request a revision to bring the post into compliance.
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Is this the future of cable advertising?
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Pinterest and SEO
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What do you think of Google Consumer Surveys?
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Any body thinking about doing a kickstarter? 
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Is Java finished? 
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