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I like pens and plastic dinosaurs and Marcus Aurelius and I sit still a lot.
I like pens and plastic dinosaurs and Marcus Aurelius and I sit still a lot.

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Once more, everyone. Chuck is really an amazing guy and I really want this trip to go perfectly for him. If you can find it in your heart-of-hearts to channel some early Christmas spirit and toss $1-5 or more in the direction of this epic project, it would be amazing.

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Hey, guys!

I want to remind you all that my friend Chuck (Richard Willes) has this AMAZING bike trip coming up next summer. The amount of planning, preparation, training, and determination he is putting into this just floors me!

It sounds like a long way off, I know, but it is going to happen very quickly for Chuck. Right now he is trying to raise a very modest sum to start purchasing maps and other crucial materials for planning his trip.

If you could see fit to even kick a couple of dollars in, it would be amazing. He and his vision are very worthy of your help and consideration. If you'd rather help in another way, please help us get the word out about Chuck's trip in any way you know how. The more people who know, the better! Additionally, if you have any ideas for or contacts to possible corporate sponsorship, please let me know and I will pass it along!

I am adding my voice to the nerd choir: The Avengers is amazing. New standard for comic book movies. Go see it.

Just closed on the house. Woooot!

If anyone else has an iPhone and is generally allergic to running, check out, "Zombies, Run!" on the appstore. It's a slick little interactive game/book on tape/exercise program.

You're a supply runner in a compound that survived the zombiepocalypse, and your headphones are the "radio" your handler uses to give you missions, tell you when zombies are on your tail, and reveal more of the interesting backstory.

Then when you're done you get to assign the supplies you collected along the way to various parts of the compound, which level up and can support a higher population.

It was written by a novelist and the voice acting is are the zombie noises!

It's sneaky interval training, honestly, but so much fun that I (and I am definitely allergic to running) was pushing myself REALLY hard yesterday to flee the zombie hordes and finish the "mission."

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