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Friends with Android phones - I am having a problem and could use some help. Since I upgraded the OS to Kit Kat I have had this sense that the phone was less responsive than usual, warmer than usual and draining battery much faster than usual. It finally reached the point where I had to debug it as the battery would not even last a work day anymore. After running several tools it was pretty obvious what is going on but less obvious how to fix it. An Android process (Media Manager) is running all the time using an average of 35% cpu at any given time. By the time the battery was down to 15%, Media Manager had used almost 90% of the battery.

So, I did all the usual things, search Google for ideas, kill the process, reboot the phone, clear it's cache. None of what I have tried has worked. The process, which is part of the OS just starts right up  again and starts chewing battery.

Has anyone else seen this and even better anyone know of a fix.

This issue is making the phone completely unreliable for me.

It's been one thing after another with Android but this is the worst so far.

I'm definitely going back to Apple after this for my next new phone.

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A few thoughts from a fairly social, open source and standards guy.

Software development has always been a field where there is something new to learn. To be honest, if it wasn't I would probably have found a new profession a long time ago. Like many people I love to learn new things. That said, these days, more than ever before, I find myself not just wanting, but needing, to learn new things to keep up with the rate and pace of change in our industry.

Development teams are no longer confined to the walls of a single building or even a single country for that matter. In fact, almost every major software venture these days seems to involve virtual teams of developers whose geographic location is of only minor importance compared to the content of the contributions they make. Product release cycles are now counted in days and weeks rather than months and years and what used to be a walk has become a sprint (pun intended).....


So I posted a request for help to the +Toshiba USA Facebook page pointing out that I am getting lousy customer service and that they have had the laptop/tablet I bought from them only 3 months ago back at their factory for over a month waiting for the part to repair it. What did they do? Just delete my post and not even reply to me. I have been promised numerous call backs from them and not once have they followed through, Awful laptop and worse customer service. They should be ashamed.Will never, ever, do business with them again. +TOSHIBA 

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Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Light up blue.  #autism #autism_awareness  

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I have recently added more samples to my SVG library which you can access directly by going to or you will also find a link to them off my personal homepage at

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I am really proud of the work my colleague +Rich Schwerdtfeger  and the rest of the accessibility community have done to get the ARIA spec to formal standard (W3C Recommendation). Not only is this a key spec, it is already broadly adopted across the industry and is making a real difference in the daily lives of people with disabilities.

Also, as part of that effort Rich and I have been working on making SVG accessible so that tools like screen readers can interpret graphics (such as a pie chart or a scatter-gram) drawn using SVG.

It's really nice when the technology that people work so hard on becomes reality and makes a difference for people that need it.

My congratulations to the entire W3C ARIA team.

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Really pleased that IBM is now a "Founding Member" of

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From  #USAToday

With Facebook currently down will millions flock to G+ today? Somehow I doubt it. None of my non tech friends and family have even heard of G+ seems to me. Still mostly a nerd hangout as far as I can tell and I get almost zero traction on my posts here.

The animals are restless while I meddle with my computer, the view out the window is obscured by clouds and later we may hear the delicate sound of thunder once again. I think perhaps I am having a momentary lapse of reason - don't you wish you were here?
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