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PZ Myers hung out with 10 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Mary Myers, Russell Glasser, Katherine Lorraine, Troy Britain, Christopher Gray, Roger Peritone, Loren Petrich, Luke Whitehorn, Nova Casterlin, and Tommy Leung
Pharyngula Podcast #2: The silly things those creationists say
PZ Myers and 10 others participated
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tim hem
nice surprise
I'm trying to turn on my webcam - doesn't seem to be using it even though I'm using Google Chrome
I'm viewing you guys now - seems to work for me, at least!
Okay...made it without having to change from following to friend.
Everyone above: i've added you to a circle. Can you connect now?
tim hem
are you trying to work out how to invite people actually into the hangout, or just watch it
My microphone works on my computer - can you hear me?
I can view as expected, without being in circles.
Can I get an invite also please?
tim hem
i think you can paste url of the broadcasting hangout into chat, then anyone can join
Joining in a moment. Google+ not installed (but it is)
Same here. Getting the stream but not the hang out.
Tried joining doesn't seem to be working.
I'm gonna try and join just to see if it's possible at all =)
Cant get in... no invite....
There must be a rational explaination... I am going to grab my foil hat.
No invitation necessary, just thought I'd test if I could join at all 
tim hem
like i say, you can post the broadcasting url and anyone can join - but youd have no control over whos in
I'm not sure if I have anything specific to say about dealings with creationists, but I think that's probably because most don't understand what I do...
Should we type comments if we can't get on? Should I shave my beard so that I stand out more?
tim hem
presupositional argument - thats the best yet (spell check fail)
A few years ago I went to one of  Haryun Yahya's websites and spent days arguing evolution with his followers.  It was highly educational for me since I am not a biologist or scientist and had to research many of my responses.  It still was like beating my head against a brick wall.  They couldn't understand evolution at all. Most were medical students.  They said.
The recent Blaze article you linked to had some classics. They are absolutely convinced, in their own heads that these are the End Times. All current happenings in the world are revolving around Jerusalem (according to the goddists). This discussion is moot, as it is all about to be erased anyhow.  The world is not only 6000 years old, it is also NOT going to get any older... 
first time I testing google+ . is this live or recorded?
It's live,Tim....I'm trying to get my mic to dice. Feel like I'm taking up valuable space. :S
The stream is breaking up a lot here (usually a good connection). I hope the video turns out OK.
down here in the google land...we see whoever speaks
two seperately developing sexes would imply virgin births via parthenogenesis?
I'm surprised thunderf00t isn't joining in ;)
@  Tony  Check Pharyngula over the next day or two. It should be posted to youtube and linked.
As a biologist, or geologist, it may appear that the creationists are batshit crazy because their ideas conflict so directly with a usable view of the world. On the other hand, the are so many in which it really does not matter. F=ma ? Saying "goddidit" doesn't make the formula any less workable.
The creationist worldview is broken to a geologist but not to a mechanic.   The real damage done is its conflict with science education.
Islam also turned against reason back in about the 1100's
tim hem
sye would too, like a shot
tim hem
it wouldnt be entertaining at all...did ya see aron ra try to deal with him
The Ghost who never  lies tells me Sye is a lier.. so that argument is done. 
tim hem
thanks all who took part, it worked pretty well i thought
Thanx for letting me participate. Sorry if I seemed to be interrupting toward the end about the tobacco and global-warming denialists. It's Naomi Oreskes who's written about them, and she has a talk about them on YouTube. The same people in tobacco-effects denial as in global-warming denial.

I wished to mention another creationist folly: the Cambrian explosion. Except that most Cambrian animals are rather primitive. Arthropods without much limb specialization, and proto-fish like Haikouichthys and Yunnanozoon. There are older multicellular organisms, like the 1200-mya red alga Bangiomorpha pubescens.
tim hem
it was interesting Loren - more hangouts by people interested in all fields of science, thats what is needed.
I'm doing a NCW freethinker podcast with this soon. I hope to be able to have the video of it up without all the superfluous preparation/dead air happening in it. Is this a bug, or have you guys just not edited this post-production?
tim hem
its unedited. Hangouts are perfect for podcasts. 
OK. I have been poking around and I think there is an edit option--does that only show up on You Tube...or...
tim hem
yes the edit option is on youtube.
If you want a show to be viewed live, and not show the gathering together of those participating, you can start the broadcast but have a banner up untill you ready to start. you still need to trim the banner time on youtube though
+Hellbound Alleee there is an option to incorporate a timestamp at the end of the URL of the video so that it will start at a time of your choice. So for example, if you put "#t=22m00s" it will start at 22 mins 00 seconds into the video when the discussion actually start. For example, try this URL where I have adjusted the start time to when people have actually gather and prepare to start the discussion:
Pharyngula Podcast #2: The silly things those creationists say
If you want you can set it to start at a different time, just adjust that time stamp/tag accordingly.
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