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Ka-boom. has gone down in a flurry of database errors right after I linked to it.
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you should redirect it to my site...cough cough.
Looked ok though... little slow to load. But ok...
Was it a lightening bolt from a clear blue sky?
Great idea Matt! Are you prepared for the bandwidth bills?
It will get better! Lots of big time famous launches had rough starts. Could you tide us over by telling us the ploidy of Coleoidea?
Are you offloading any content to S3 or another colocator to split the load?
Jebus has his mysterious ways of getting even. Either that, or else complicated things sometimes go wrong. (I'm sticking with Jebus, though.)
This is why we can't have nice thoughtful things.
The beatings will continue until morale improves!
What works like a charm in the test environment (there was one, right?) rarely takes off in production without a bump or an explosion or two. Looking forward to seeing it when things get sorted out.
Trying to launch Pharyngula on a shared host is not a great idea. It seems you need someone with admin experience at this scale.
I'll echo what another commenter said -- WP Super Cache plugin is your friend. I've been having similar issues at my work blog for a couple of weeks and after installing it, the situation for visitors has gotten a LOT better.
Metastatic Pharyngula needs more vascular growth factor to sustain its expansion.
you need at least three tech slaves for this sort of endeavor.
PZ, if you guys need some volunteer work from an experienced sysadmin, let me know.
Self inflicted DDOS's are the most painful kind.
Ha! God blowed up yore server real good. Checkmate atheists!
You can probably reduce the load considerably just by setting up the main site RSS feed.
The god's are after you, too, today? Damn Mondays...
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