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The news is leaking out fast. Yes, we have a new blog network,, opening for business on Monday. We've got a good starting lineup, and will also be adding +Greta Christina and +Jen McCreight and some others once we shake out the bugs. We'll also consider adding a few other good blogs later -- ask me or +Ed Brayton once the dust settles -- but our goal is quality, not to build a massively huge network.

My plan is to post the current full content of Pharyngula on the new site. I will still be maintaining my relationship with Scienceblogs and National Geographic, but only select content will appear there: that is, science, anti-creationism, that sort of thing...the openly anti-religious material will be on FtB only. So if you're a Christian, you'll now be able to read Sb Pharyngula without crying (but don't fool yourself, I'll still be despising your foolish belief system); if you're a teacher, you'll be able to tell your students to read Sb Pharyngula without fearing the wrath of the PTA.

For now, the best URL to get to the site is It currently redirects to Sb Pharyngula, but I'll change it to point to FtB Pharyngula once it goes online.

(Reposted because Google+ really, really sucks when you have to use it through its mobile interface)
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Ha. Finally. Congratulations!
You´ve shown yourself up recently. But best of luck eh!
Brilliant, looking forward to the change.
Congrats on the new endeavor! Looking forward to seeing the new network take shape. Sounds like you've found a nice compromise there, and still get to be true to PZ. :)
I regret that I can only hit +1 once. You and Ed and Greta Christina and Jen all in one place? Critical mass. Now if you can get Jerry Coyne and Zeno...
Cool. Glad to see this happening, interested to see it develop, and wish you best of luck. May your server never fail.
Looking forward to when this goes live so I can add it to my Google Reader.
Wow. Absolutely fascinating, PZ, and a very creative solution to the challenge you were facing w/National Geographic.

One question: FtB will carry all of your posts on all topics, but SB will be a subset, right? ... If so, it'll be interesting to see how your traffic divides and its impact on SB.

(My guess is that 99 percent of your audience wants PZ unfiltered & unplugged. I hope you'll be willing to share traffic stats, if only percentages. It's not often a blogger like you gets to do such real-time, large-scale A/B testing. It'll be a great experiment. Good luck!)
let us know when the RSS is available, that's how I follow your ramble
I am not sure if i find this good. Your styles differ and i already had your blogs in my subscription list. What is the supposed benefit of this?
Mark I
Ooooooooh fresh new blog. Noice. Love wordpress btw...
Excellent. Good move PZ. Glad to see a freethinker network take off. I've been following you Greta and Ed for longer than I've been a blogger myself. I'm looking forward to reading.
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