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Currently: June 2017
I have again emerged from strewn papers and copious amounts of tea; I survived exam season for another year! I cannot wait to get back into blogging and enjoying the things that can be sadly put aside when dreaded exams come back to plague us. I wasn't sure...

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We Need You To Make A Pledge
We would like you to read this and make a pledge at the end. Thank you.  Earlier on this year both myself and Kate, a friend who also studies History with me, were lucky enough to be part of an amazing project - The Holocaust Educational Trust.  The Trust e...

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What Is It All For?
PHOTO SOURCE As I sit, surrounded by notes and folders and essay questions and pens and paper, I think to myself; why am I doing all of this? I've always been driven. It's a quality of mine which I take pride in. I've always been told my ambition is somethi...

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Why Is Vinyl Back?
Why is vinyl back? Since being given my Dad's old record player, my love for vinyl has grown. Then, when my grandma kindly gave me a Steepletone for Christmas 2k16, it multiplied by one hundred.  I'm trying to work out why it's back; I think I may have crac...

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My Perfect Cup Of Tea
This is how my perfect cup of tea is made. Read carefully and make appropriate notes if necessary. 1. Place teabag in mug. Whilst doing this, stretch impossibly far and turn the kettle on. Do it with your foot if needs be, this is a process that requires co...

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The Little Things I Have Learnt To Appreciate
"It has been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important." - Arthur Conan Doyle Fairy lights. A night in with nothing but a book and a cup of tea. A smile shared with a stranger. The company of good people. Old music that will ...

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Christmas Films - Top Picks
Happy December, everyone! I adore Christmas. There's something so untouchable and wonderful about this time of year, and the festivities of the month definitely brighten the bitter cold of early school mornings. One of the greatest things about this time of...

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What's On My Iphone 6?
Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored in any way to write this post, these are all my own opinions! These are my lock and home screens: I'm a bit of a neat freak, and therefore have opted for a fairly minimal background in both cases. As you can see, all my...

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Ten Things People Who Went To A British Primary School Will Understand
Primary School was a pretty rosy time for me. I attended the village school, just a five minutes walk away and lived a somewhat quintessentially British childhood in terms of education. Here are a few things that just say "Primary School" to me, if any of y...

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Music You Should Listen To
Music is close to my heart. I play piano, guitar and am constantly bursting into song (seriously, ask friends and family, they will roll their eyes and nod.) A while ago, I discovered a beautiful thing called Spotify. It has allowed me to come to the realis...
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