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Cheyney Group Accounting Software Review: Dear QuickBooks, I’m Breaking Up With You. It Isn’t You…It’s Me, The Cloud & ERP

Dear QuickBooks,

I am breaking up with you.
It isn’t you.
It’s me…
I have grown.
I am not the same small business I was when we met.
I have different needs, expectations and ambitions.
I appreciate everything you did to organize my payroll.
I thank you for every balance sheet.
You made me a better small business.
It’s just…
I am not a small business anymore.
I know there is a new small business out there waiting for you!
I will never forget you…

Fast Growing Business 

Breaking up with QuickBooks…

Realizing your business has grown beyond the functionality and capabilities of QuickBooks is bittersweet. You realize you need a better way to create consolidated financial reports and the flexibility to format reports to meet your requirements. You admit your invoicing is too simplistic and needs to be upgraded to accurately reflect your services. You are running most of your reports in Excel, not QuickBooks, and you are spending too much time on manual entry of data into multiple systems.

You’re a growing company and want to keep it that way, but your auditors are consistently complaining – begging you to keep tighter internal controls and do a better job at tracking expenses. You are seeing the increasing need for real-time visibility into your financials. Plus, your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can’t communicate with QuickBooks, resulting in yet more manual inputting – and a less comprehensive overview of corporate activities.

You can deny it no longer.

The time has come…breaking up with QuickBooks is inevitable.

Good news, it doesn’t have to be painful!

Graduating from QuickBooks to cloud financials and accounting can be done by transitioning to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed with financial management functionality. The move to life with cloud-powered SaaS alternatives can boost productivity by giving 24/7 access to financial documents, reports and milestones.

You will find you will improve cash flow by automatically capturing billable time and expense – plus accelerate billing. You will decrease errors and boost operational productivity by integrating project activities with project accounting.

A departure from life with QuickBooks, cloud accounting solutions allow you to access your true cash flow any time of the day or night – 24/7. You can take better control of your accounting by reviewing your real-time finances. This means you can manage your finances on the go and never miss the opportunity to correct an issue, send an invoice or monitor accounts payable.

Best yet, you can easily collaborate with colleagues and accounting professionals in real-time on financial reports. Many cloud accounting software solutions integrate with other business apps too, allowing you to use a variety of tools to run your business better. The access to real-time data afforded by cloud accounting software gives you total financial management and tracking power over your cash flow – with up-to-date views of daily financials at your fingertips. With time-consuming, manual tasks removed from the equation, you and your team can be more productive and focused on the most important task at hand – managing and growing a great business.

So, if the time has come for you to break up with QuickBooks, do not worry. Moving on with a robust, cloud accounting solution will help take your business to the next level. You are going to love having real-time views of your financials and the perks of cloud collaboration as you share documents and review reports 24/7 with colleagues and accounting professionals. QuickBooks served its purpose for your growing business. Now, it’s time to power your financial reporting with technology solutions and cloud-based accounting alternatives that can graduate your business to higher levels of productivity and administrative performance.

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Cheyney Group Accounting Software Review: County Board OKs Accounting Software

After tabling discussion last month, members of the Montgomery County Board unanimously approved spending $57,875 on new financial and payroll software as part of their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday morning, Feb. 10, at the Historic Courthouse in Hillsboro.

Board members Mike Webb and Bob Sneed were absent from the meeting.

Finance Committee Chairman Megan Beeler said she tabled the motion last month because she felt there were some details that still needed to be ironed out. This month's motion featured an approval to purchase both the financial and payroll software from Zobrio, but the committee decided to hold off on the human resource and time keeping modules. Zobrio has agreed to lock in the same price for up to six months if the county decides to add the human resource or time keeping modules.

Board member Heather Hampton+Knodle asked if that price lock was included in the contract, and Beeler said it's not because it's not part of the proposal. Dave Penrod of Zobrio was present at the meeting and guaranteed to board members he would offer them that same price.

Board member Ron Deabenderfer asked about the advantages of the new software program. Beeler said the county is currently paying for a software system, and this one will improve the county's accounting ability and improve efficiency.

"It offers better payroll and inventory tracking," said Treasurer Ron Jenkins. "It brings us out of the Stone Age."

Board Chairman Roy Hertel said the county employees tried two new software companies and they preferred the Zobrio software, and Jenkins added that it's very user friendly.

Board member Mike Plunkett said the software does have an annual maintenance agreement, but will cost $9,000 a year less than maintenance on the current software.

"Basically, it will pay us back in six years," Plunkett said.

He added that the board budgeted $80,000 for the project and will come in well under that.

Consent Agenda

Under the consent agenda, Supervisor of Assessors Ray Durston reported he hired a new GIS technician, Cassidy Younker of Stonington. Durston said she is catching onto the new job very well and will attend training next week.

County Clerk Sandy Leitheiser said her office has been collecting fees under the Rental Housing Support Program. The state charges $9 for every recorded document and the county has collected $430,326 since the law's inception in August 2005.

"The intent was to serve low income housing," Leitheiser said. "I have been trying to advocate to get those dollars returned to Montgomery County."

She said that the CEFS program and CEO Paul White applied to receive some of that funding, and has brought $117,168 back to Montgomery County since 2012.

"We'd like to see it all come back here, but this is a good start," Leitheiser said.

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Cheyney Group Accounting Software review - applikationer for att skatter lattare

Dessa applikationer kommer att hjalpa du sparar din aterkomst, spar intakter och kostnader aret runt och mycket mer. Applikationer kan hjalpa skattebetalarna var organiserad under hela aret sa beskattar forberedelse ar mindre overvaldigande.

Det tycks inte finnas sa manga apps lovande att latta pa bordan av skatter som det finns skattebetalare och navigerar dem kan vara nastan lika overvaldigande som itemizing avdrag. Fran de som gor att du sparar din aterkomst till andra som hjalper dig att spara intakter och kostnader aret runt, har ar nagra av de basta applikationer, hur mycket de kostar och tips om vem som kan hitta dem som mest anvandbar.

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Cheyney Group Marketing News: Nike Orders Decline

Nike, the largest provider of sporting gear in the world has slid the most in the last couple of quarters after orders has failed to measure up to analysts' forecasts, mainly because of the slow demand from emerging markets.

A primary factor which contributed in the fairly high expectations is the good performance of Nike shares in the previous year. According to Cheyney Group Marketing's statement, orders for Nike gear have previously been on an upward trend, hence the 11% gain that was predicted by analysts. As they say, when you're already in such a high place, it's not enough to just rest on your laurels -- you have to plan how to surpass your own records.

In Nike's biggest market alone, orders increased by 13%, but still slightly under the 13.1% forecast while in Europe, they also rose by 13% but significantly lower than the 15% estimate. Moreover, orders coming from other markets only rose by 1% compared to the 7% estimate.

Not only did the NKE shares slide as much as four percent but also those of retailers that offer its products such as Finish Line and Foot Locker.

Meanwhile, net income on the last quarter increased by 23% or 70 cents per stock which just about fulfilled the prediction of Cheyney Group Marketing( ) analysts. On the good side though, its revenue has increased by a whopping 15% while beating forecasts of analysts.

Such orders were observed closely for most investors see them as a foreshadowing of how the brand will sell in the future. 

Though NKE shares did drop because of last week's unfavorable results, they increased fairly well on the first quarter of 2014 as the brand's athletic wear finds its way into mainstream fashion and casual outfits through the "athleisure" trend.

Meanwhile, Nike's close rival, Adidas, has consistently exceeded expectations of analysts by posting favorable profit and sales numbers -- perhaps owing to the fact that it has reduced its profit estimate due to weak demand in sports gear. Read more: 

Cheyney Group Marketing: 5 tips on having a happy budget

Many of us have that recurring nightmare of being in Accounting 101 class in college on the last day of the term for the first time — and it happens to be final-exam day! You suddenly wake up sweating and panicking and realize you have never been that good in your own financial accounting. You feel like the unfaithful servant to whom the master says, “Give an account of yourself!”

Dreams have an uncanny way of mirroring life. Perhaps, there is a way to change reality by making our dreams more to our liking. In my friend’s case, he never had an Accounting unit his entire student life; so he went on to change his dreams by reading and studying about Accounting and Finance until he gradually overcame his financial woes.

Here are 5 tips (or principles) he shared to start having a practical and efficient personal financial discipline:

1. Have a budget

This is essential! No matter how little money you have, having a budget is a must. But if you do not have money at all, there seems to be no sense in having a personal budget. Wrong! Zero is the least money you can have. If you do not have a budget, then you will never have practice when you get some money eventually. Truth is, we all have some money, no matter how little; and knowing how to manage your money is a vital habit every person needs to develop.

2. Start with how much you need, not how much you have

For years, my friend made a yearly money plan starting with how much he needed to support himself and to implement his projects. After many years, he finally found enough income to rent a decent apartment, buy appliances, travel more often and start living his dreams (and reduce his nightmares). Being positive, especially during those times we are really down, is not mere pretending but practicing a lifetime of hopeful anticipation. As they say: Dreams are free; so, get dreaming!

3. Next step, obviously, is to have a realistic budget

Having a workable budget can often be depressing. (This is when you really need optimism!) Workable means allocating as much money for all essential expenses. You know you will need some more money to fill in the deficit and sourcing it is part of the Accounting problem. Realistic, ironic as it may sound, means figuring in what you need to overcome your deficit. This may mean a lot of waste of time; but it is an exercise in optimism and practice for the fat years ahead. The next step further explains what realistic means.

4. Every budget must include a deficit budget and a plan for filling the deficit

A plan for sourcing out the money you do not have is the best part of a personal budget. It draws out the creative juices hiding within you. It could be that business plan you have had for years for a small venture that will give you the impetus to go ahead and take out a loan and do it finally. Or, you can take an extra job to raise the funds you need for the needed capital. Work your plan.

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Cheyney Group Accounting: Top 20 SaaS Accounting and Cloud Bookkeeping Online Software Reviews

When I was in college, I supported myself by starting my own small business on the side. I still remember collecting all of my receipts and business documents in a plastic bag, and then handing everything off to my bookkeeper at the end of the year.

That was so dumb. If anything happened to that bag, my business would’ve run into some serious problems.

More related articles @

But that’s no longer the case today.

Today’s businesses have access to a wide array of online, electronic bookkeeping applications which make this job so much easier. Especially within the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of important advancements in technology which have made bookkeeping easier.

- Credit card transactions can be automatically added to the books.
- You can use a camera phone to upload a receipt.
- You can collaborate with business partners through a single application.

Bookkeeping is so much easier now than it’s ever been before. Even if you don’t understand accounting, you can still manage your own books.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 online bookkeeping applications that are available from a Software-as-a-Service delivery model.

Zoho Books - Zoho books is the ideal accounting software for small business. Zoho books is easy to use, and lets you share and collaborate effortlessly. And since it’s part of the Zoho suite, you know it’s a great system.

Outright – The automated approach to bookkeeping. It lets you say goodbye to old-fashioned accounting.

Kashoo – Kashoo helps you become more organized while also saving you money on accounting fees with their collaborative, tablet-friendly accounting software.

Pavintheway – Manage your entire company from this full-featured robust online accounting package.

Clear Books – Time-saving online bookkeeping software that’s in use at thousands of British companies.

Accounts Portal – Manage your entire business from a single handy and easy-to-use accounting system.

Yendo – With a Web 2.0 approach to finance, Yendo plays nicely with mobile devices and third-party cloud services.

Xero – This is an incredibly easy accounting application that makes finance a pleasure.

Netsuite – Good friends of the blog. This fast-growing company offers CRM, accounting, ERP and ecommerce software… all from a single source, and all from the cloud.

NolaPro – Allows you to create your own online accounting site, or rent the hosted version directly from them.

Merchant’s Mirror – This is the next step in the evolution of online small business accounting software.

Envision Accounting –  An online accounting suite that’s specially designed for project-driven companies. Incorporates accounting and project management into a single suite.

Quickbooks Online – QuickBooks is one of the best-known and most trusted brands in accounting. And this is their hosted online product offering.

Wave Accounting – Easy to use with a high degree of automation. Get your accounting out of the shoebox, and into this simple, well-organized, secure solution.

Skyclerk – Skyclerk offers dead simple accounting that’s elegant, reliable and secure.

Perfect Books – Spend more time focusing on your business with the help of this free, paperless and automated online bookkeeping application.

Financial Force – A cloud-based financial suite that’s affiliated with SalesForce and UNIT4.

Freeagent Central – A stress-free online bookkeeping service that’s used every day by thousands of companies.

Less Accounting – Less Accounting believes that accounting should be easy. Why do more accounting when you can do less accounting?

Intacct – Award-winning accounting software that’s used by over four thousand organizations.

Want more? Visit Cheyney Group Marketing Blog  for more articles.

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Cheyney Group Accounting: 2 Företagare Innovation Survey - del III

I det sista avsnittet av trilogy, Linkedins Läs Hoffman och Joi Ito, chef för Media Lab på MIT, avslutade sin diskussion inför Churchill Club i San Jose, Kalifornien, och gjorde djupa punkter på störande bitcoin kan ha på finansiella tjänster samt förändringar som hägrar för den traditionella modellen för universitetsutbildning: 

Hoffman kom så småningom till frågan alla väntade på: vad labbet gör med bitcoin, och hur har revisorer blivit sexig? 

Ito förklarade att eleverna bildade en Bitcoin Club och höjde $ 500.000 från filantroper att fullfölja vad Ito kallar det "hacking" av huvudbok baserad bokföring, för att ersätta en bärare-baserade kassasystem i en huvudbok system, som han ser som kärnan i Bitcoin. 

En vän till Ito vid namn Jay Dwivedi, CIO på Shinsei Bank, har hittat ett sätt att eliminera 90 procent av kostnaden för bank i 18 månader med helt ny utformning av systemen. Ito betonade att det enda skälet till detta skulle kunna göras är att konstruktören är en redovisnings geni och en datavetenskap geni. Dwivedi hade flunked en redovisning kurs, men sedan insåg han hur viktigt det är och blev besatt av den. (Writer s anmärkning: Bankers, bankregulatorer och ekonomiska lobbygrupper avskyr redovisning och har fört en kampanj mot det i flera år.) 

Ito skyller en brist på förståelse för redovisning för att hålla banksektorn "så bakom." Han förutspådde att bitcoin skulle röra igång en våg av förnyad uppmärksamhet som skulle avleda mer hjärnkapacitet till det eftersatt område i redovisningen. Ito själv är på revisionsutskottet av The New York Times, och han sade att erfarenheten har gjort honom mer medvetna om "hur unviewable vårt finansiella system är." 

Hoffman förutser ett nätverk av distribuerade system som kommer att växa ur dessa studier. 

Slutligen Hoffman riktade konsekvenserna av minskningen av beräkningskostnaden för universiteten själva som de utsätts för Schumpeterian störningar. 

Ito analys är att utbildningssystemet är "inte att förbereda människor för att fungera fullt ut." Han skyllde detta på företag som anställer bygger på bevis för individer, tilldelats på grundval av standardiserade tester, med lite tyngd ges till samarbete, medan framgång beror på förmågan att aggregera kunskap på ett sätt som tillför värde baserat på "förmågan att producera, förmågan att tänka, förmågan att ställa frågor. "

Han hävdade att den robot memorering som sker på universitet är av mindre betydelse nu när de grundläggande dokumenten finns nära till hands via mobila enheter som gör det möjligt för människor "att röra sig bort från packning kunskap in i din hjärna till att vara kreativ." 

Hoffman faulted universitet genom att fråga, är massiva öppna online-kurser (MOOCs) tillräcklig, en fråga han avfärdas med, "Det är klart att de inte är tillräckliga." Hoffman kallade för innovationer som kan "ändra sökvägen för utfall, både i kostnad och resultat." 

Ito ser MOOCs som ett effektivare sätt att leverera kunskap, men han hävdade att tillgängligheten till kunskap möjliggör mer tid spenderas tillämpa den, som att designa programvara med öppen källkod, och delta i gruppundervisning och lärande. Han kritiserade också betoningen av studenter på att få den grad så att de kan få ut av skolan.

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Cheyney Group Marketing│Cloud Accounting Technology Expo Launches for Xero Users

One of Australia’s leading cloud software integrators launched an online expo today to introduce a selection of cloud programs that connect with cloud accounting software.

Jeri Murphy, publisher of cloud integrator website, has recorded hour-long interviews with the companies behind 30 programs which integrate with cloud accounting program Xero. Murphy was releasing the interviews daily throughout May and tickets to the expo cost $59 for all 30 interviews.

“These are not paid advertorials,” Murphy said. “I’ll be asking the tough questions.”

Apps included sales management (Capsule CRM), inventory (Unleashed, DearInventory, QuoteStockSell), workforce management (GeoOp, Connect2Field, SimPro), financial analysis (Fathom, Float, ProfitSee) and property management (Re-Leased, RentalSaaS).

Questions covered in the expo included which industry an app was best suited, how it differed from rival add-on programs, what type of data the program shared with Xero and the details of a partner program, if one existed.

The interview also included a comprehensive demonstration of the program.

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