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The Kalam Cosmological Argument
Here at The Cumulative Case, we are working towards developing the case for God's existence (and specifically the Christian God) from several different lines of argument.  In this post, I will introduce the Kalam Cosmological argument, as popularized by apo...

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In the Multiverse, Are You Just a Brain?
The idea of there being multiple, parallel universes "out there" sounds pretty cool.  But does this  really make sense?  Many atheists would say yes, perhaps because it helps to avoid the conclusion that God created our universe.  In particular, it looks li...

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Did our universe come from the multiverse?
The multiverse theory (the idea that our universe is just one among many other universes out there) is an exceedingly popular idea among science fiction fans.  I mean, think of all the movies or star trek episodes that take advantage of multiple, parallel w...

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In the Beginning...
The opening verse to the bible says, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."  For millennia, there was no empirical evidence to suggest there was such a beginning.  Indeed, many people thought that the universe was eternal.  Nowadays, of ...

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Harry Potter vs Jesus
There is a common trend among internet atheists that, if you want to prove that Jesus didn't exist, all you have to do is show similarities between Jesus and some other mythical figure.  Of course, this approach doesn't work for two reasons.  First, it igno...

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God commanding Abraham to sacrifice Isaac: a horror?
Statue of Abraham & Isaac (Princeton) The story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son disturbs many people, and has been a favorite point of attack by atheists on the Christian religion.  The stance is that anyone who thinks he hears a voice telling hi...

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Dawkins vs. Bayes
Recently we've taken a look into several atheist arguments that seem valid on the surface, but are actually circular reasoning.  In particular, we've discussed Richard Dawkins , Bart Ehrman , and David Hume .  Dr. Dawkins assumes God cannot exist in his att...

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Hume's Maxim and Circular Reasoning
Recently, here at The Cumulative Case, we've looked at a few quotes from atheists, including Richard Dawkins and Bart Ehrman , that show their circular reasoning.  Here, we will look at another popular quote, often called "Hume's Maxim", which again falls ...

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Bart Ehrman and self-contradiction
When in an argument with someone, have you ever contradicted yourself? 
You say one thing one moment, then turn around and say the exact
opposite, just a few minutes later?  It appears Bart Ehrman is guilty of
this when he discusses whether or not histor...

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Bart Ehrman's Circular Reasoning on God
In a debate, everyone wants to claim they have reason on their side, often to the exclusion of their debate opponent.  Atheists  have even gone so far as to hold a " Reason Rally " in the name of atheism.  In this regard, here at The Cumulative Case, we've ...
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