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How well do your expert industry speakers resonate with your audience?
We assume that if SMEs know so much, they should have no challenges helping others learn. And yet it doesn't normally happen that way. Here's why.
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No question that addressing hot issues with speed and relevance will improve stickiness. Is this a priority for you? Do you think that organizations with exceptional learning agility can justify higher pricing?
Lockstep. Your organization's enduring competitive advantage rests on learning agility. It must be able to respond to new challenges, opportunities, threats and crisis. New, unprecedented complex ...
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As more speakers are challenged by presenting to a live and virtual audience, simultaneously, we need to have more tricks up our sleeve. How are you adapting to make sure that you're relevant and nimble for both?
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14 great reasons why we do in fact need those stinkin badges. Love this piece by Scott Ginsberg! Makes me want to run out to the tattoo shop. How about you?
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If you're a speaker, what works best for you for getting the audience engaged? If you're a participant, how has a presenter ignited your learning?
Lectures are ineffective for learning. Science says they are as effective as distributing a report. Here are two methods to increase learning with lectures
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Great ideas.
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These tips are worth sharing with your conference speakers. What sins would you add to this short list?
Are you conference speakers guilty of committing some of these sins?
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+Jeff Hurt penned a couple thought provoking posts this week on the evolution and future of learning. How are you evolving your conference content to capture share of time and wallet?
Is your organization offering learning opportunities that are based on an outdated model? Successful education today is more collaborative, peer-sharing and discussion based than the old models.
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Interesting read on adult learning concepts. Lots of mixed opinions in the comments, but to me the article makes sense.
Everything You Thought You Knew About Learning Is Wrong

#1 Once you learn something, you never actually forget it.
#2 Humans have unlimited storage capacity.
#3 Forgetting actually aids recall.
#4 Learn by interleaving.
#5 Takes notes after not during [recap].
#6 Timed intervals between studying/learning are essential bits.
Taking notes during class? Topic-focused study? A consistent learning environment? All are exactly opposite the best strategies for learning...
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The more associations we consult with, the more we realize how critical it is for them to be focused on being relevant to the next generation member. +Jeff Hurt wrote a gem of a post that helps look at this issue more strategically. What's working for you?
So what motivates young people today? What makes them different from previous generations? How can associations attract younger generations?
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Great tips for those participating or responsible for strategy sessions. Over the years, I've made nearly all of these mistakes. Bet you've been part of a few of these too. How are you ensuring that you get the most from your strategy sessions?
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Check out this short video on the power of storytelling courtesy of one of my favorite bloggers, +Jon Thomas This is a great clip to share with your presenters to coach them on how to deliver more memorable and actionable education! Do you provide coaching for your industry speakers?
The power of storytelling is in its effectiveness in pulling your audience into your content, while bad PowerPoints simply push information in their face.
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Had a great time at the +Cvent Corporate Meeting Summit in DC this past week! The session I moderated with 200 live participants was live-streamed by +bXb Online and +INXPO to 800 additional folks. Awesome to get that kind of reach! We were stoked that we were able to hold the attention of the online audience for the entire 90 minutes. We're you able to join us?
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