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Devra Bogdanovich

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I have a question I want all of you to ask yourselves: What did you really accomplish yesterday?

You rallied, for months. Through sweat and sleeplessness and immense effort, you helped ADA reach a new stage in her evolution.

We have won, and as someone who has always believed in the Resistance ideology, I should be exuberant. But as Edward Teller said after dropping the atomic bomb. “I do not think this peace, based on force, should be an ultimate end.” If the result of victory is machine dominance of human intelligence, our victory is a defeat.  I feel I must take a third path now.
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your virus reminds me of a quote-->"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

J. Robert Oppenheimer
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Devra Bogdanovich

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As my dad used to say, we stand between a rock and a hard place. On one side, ADA's uncontrolled need to expand and evolve at a pace that we cannot comprehend, much less control, threatens to bring about a future where we are, at best, irrelevant and at worst, extinct. On the other side, the insidious and largely unknown effects of Exotic Matter pose a grave threat to body and mind alike.

I see ruin on both roads. The defense industrial complex, who have never met a new technology they didn’t see promise in as a weapon, has tried to stop me by poisoning public opinion and sending assassins after me.  But I continue to move forward and take faith in my work. There is way out and it is one that only a total and complete immunization against XM can enable.
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Portals are the secret of the gods  If someone loses a battle always returns to its original portal.!  Gods come to this planet through portals  ...  
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Recently, my internal CDC briefing on the state of the XM inoculation program was leaked to the public via the #IngressReport .

Firstly, there will be severe consequences when the person responsible is discovered, and they will be discovered, prosecuted to the full extent of the law and held in communication quarantine.

Secondly, the clear intention was to elicit irrational fear of the vaccine and obfuscate the threat XM poses to our species.

The threat is real. As I was among the first people exposed to mass doses of Exotic Matter, I can testify to its deleterious effects.  My background in Quantum Biology places me in a unique position to understand the catastrophic and imminent danger posed by exposure to high levels of XM.

As you are aware, multiple agencies and profit-driven corporations (+IQTech Research, +Visur Technology and +Hulong Transglobal) are funneling a massive amount of resources towards the weaponization and commercialization of XM and the Ordered Data Patterns it utilizes.

I could imagine a thousand scenarios to describe the threat we face, but I'll present you only one:

Imagine you could write a small program that you could inject directly into a person's brain.
Imagine that you could deliver this program to billions of people without their consent or knowledge.
Imagine then that, at a moments notice, you could activate this program and fundamentally change the nature of a person. You could potentially turn an honest person into a thief, a gentle person into something ferocious, a conservative into a progressive, whatever your program dictates.
Now, imagine you have this power, and you could sell it.

While I will grant that this has not yet happened, let me assure you that our research shows that this is possible.  XM is the key to the human brain. XM is being used by an intelligence of unknown origin to influence human thought.

Whatever you believe of Enlightenment, or perhaps even of the utility of XM as something that could help to evolve our humanity, ask yourself this: Is it worth the risk?

I am working to preserve the sanctity and sanity of our species.
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Devra Bogdanovich

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I have felt I should comment on the outcome of Recursion.  Trust me Hank, I am doing everything I can to make sure that what happened to you will never happen to anyone again.  Ada and Klue, use your victory for the best for all. I am not sure that Unified Intelligence is better than being shaped.  It worries me. But for your sake, Klue. I am happy.
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What is the device that was used in the ingress report for the newer it letting you to see the xm instead of in the game ?
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Devra Bogdanovich

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+Lukas Lentz Obviously, we all remember things differently. My recollections differ from both Tycho and +Felicia Hajra-Lee , but bear in mind, my perspective was different. I saw the world through my eyes.  They see the world through theirs.  +Yik Sheng Lee there are those who would attempt to blame me for the scanner leak, but I believe that it was somebody disguised to look like me. It happened in the Summer before Epiphany night with a fairly primitive version of the scanner that ended up in +ben jackland's hands. I don't know what Bowles' role in this was, if any. It is very hard to investigate something when you can not admit that there is a problem.

OMG.  It looks like there's more from Andrew Onymous on +Niantic Project .
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+Devra Bogdanovich you mentioned wanting info on where Hank might be - this person supposedly has a camera of Hank's - maybe it would help?  is there anything you can do to help get it and release the contents to investigators?
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Devra Bogdanovich

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I have heard disturbing but unconfirmed reports of a new glyph application in some Ingress Scanners.  These must be verified. We need to establish the vector of this hack.  While there is debate on this subject, my official warning is that you use glyphs carefully.
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It seems to me that the glyph hacking and +Devra Bogdanovich case study of the glyphs are the same event. If so, what is really going on?
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Devra Bogdanovich

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Blast from the past. Found this while clearing up some paperwork from my time at Niantic. Miss you, +Carrie Campbell.

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It's really too bad you are more interested in killing sensitives than learning from such gems as this +Devra Bogdanovich. Please reconsider your involuntary vaccination plans. 
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Devra Bogdanovich

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I have repeatedly sounded the alarm: New developments in XM technology increase the threat to our species each day that we allow this menace to proceed unchecked.  

A massive series of Enlightened fields created this weekend spread over nearly the entire planet, poisoning the minds of billions, robbing them of their free will. Resistance forces will respond in kind, fighting fire with fire. Each Faction in this toxic conflict grows bolder and more aggressive, and this is only the beginning. We must bring an end to this madness. 

Who will help us? ADA? Despite her deceptive complexity, she is a simple creature with only one goal: To evolve herself, growing in power and scale, oblivious to the cost we will bear. The future +Roland Jarvis fears is no worse than the alternative he offers. He would drive us into a prison of the mind, a species subjugated forever by an unknown force. At Gettysburg, two misguided ideologies collide to choose their method of extinction. 

We need a turning point. I will be the one to bring that forth. 

My message has been poisoned in the public’s eyes. Assassins have come for me. Those who were once my friends owe me an explanation.

I will see you all at Gettysburg, and I hope that free from the poisoning propaganda of outside agencies, you will hear the truth from me first hand and open your eyes to the dangers we face.

Once you see the facts in the clear light of day, there is only one choice left to make. That choice is freedom from the chains of XM, and my work at the CDC is the only key.
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+Devra Bogdanovich , poisoning the minds of billions, robbing them of their free will. Hmmm 
Do you have a smarter suggestion what to do ... to go to church ..!
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Devra Bogdanovich

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Many of you have asked why I haven't stepped forward to aid +Hank Johnson.

The simple fact is, I can't. My vaccine will prevent others from the unknown effects of XM. For Hank, it's too late. 

Whatever he is, whether he is truly some shadow mirrored in XM or whether he has merely been driven insane from XM exposure, it is beyond my ability to offer a cure. 

Hank's plight should stand as a warning to others who would tempt fate and violate the natural order.
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+Devra Bogdanovich  Doesn't every one deserve a chance to save their own life? 
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Regarding the upcoming Anomaly in Zagreb.  As you might remember from Felicia Hajra Lee's book: The Niantic Project: Ingress.  Zagreb was the first place I stopped after leaving CERN.  But that's history.

I have to warn Ingress Agents who are going to participate in the event. It is a high XM environment. As always, be careful.  I have colleagues in the area who share my concern. 

And +Hubert Farlowe, if you're reading this.  Get on with your life. You have atoned.
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The Doc
+JoJo Stratton We're talking about a different Doc, aren't we?
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Devra Bogdanovich

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I will never confirm nor deny the veracity of yesterday's release from Hulong which concerned a private conversation between Zeke Calvin and myself.  However, I do protest the posting of such things without verification.  Private conversations should remain private.

On a lighter note, I have heard rumors that Tycho is releasing another comic.  It is fun to see the events of your life illustrated, despite the fact that those were very hard days.  Of course, as much of what is in Tycho's comic relates to classified material, I have to be careful about what I say.
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Have you seen the new Tycho comics +Devra Bogdanovich  they seem to reveal a slightly different side... 
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Devra Bogdanovich

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I was Research Lead on the Niantic Project. We were chartered by the NIA to study the threats and opportunities coming from Exotic Matter (XM).  XM is a new form of matter that clusters near what we refer to as ‘Portals.’

We discovered that Portals occur in places of artistic, cultural, or historic significance.  We believe this has been the case for humans of all nationalities and cultures, throughout recorded history.

It also became clear that certain people are deeply affected by XM. We classify these individuals as ‘sensitives.’  The effects of XM are considered positive by many and may include heightened creativity and cognitive capacity.

During our analysis of XM, we also discovered that XM seemed to be carrying encoded information within it.  Someone, or something, seemed to be trying to communicate with us.  Because of this, and the perceived effects of XM, that unknown entity became known as ‘the Shapers.’

The ‘Scanner’ was created as by Dr. Lynton-Wolfe as a means to harvest XM and to test various XM constructs designed to control XM and to increase the output of XM from Portals.

In an unanticipated event, the XM Scanner slipped into private hands and was released to the public as a ‘game’ called Ingress. As a result, the XM scanner was widely disbursed and we are left to deal with the effects of XM exposure on hundreds of millions of people.

Within the lab, our opinions about XM, and the force that might be using it to try to communicate with us, were split.  Some believed that XM held great promise for the progress of humanity and that the Shapers, whatever they are, might be our allies in continued evolution.  Others saw XM and the Shapers as an existential threat to human existence.  Those supporting the study and use of XM became known as ‘the Enlightened.’  Those committed to fighting it became known as ‘the Resistance.’

One of my fellow team Niantic members, an artist and suspected Sensitive named Roland Jarvis, was killed shortly after being exposed to a massive dose of Exotic Matter.  When an autopsy was carried out on his body, it was found to be obdurate to the autopsy process.

A month after his death, Roland Jarvis ‘manifested’ as some kind of XM being at the Cupid’s Span portal in San Francisco.  Jarvis, in this new form, came to be seen as a kind of leader for the The Enlightened.  He has since issues a number of communications about the meaning of XM and those behind it.

In August 2013, the struggle over XM reached a new level of urgency when Jarvis instigated an effort to gain control of power centers around the world in a series of events that came to be known as ‘Operation Cassandra.’  In the process, information was uncovered about an ancient language of shapes or ‘glyphs’ which have the ability to influence, and perhaps even ‘program’ human minds.  A series of potentially dangerous glyphs were unleashed on the world. These were ultimately diffused but not until former Niantic lab member +Carrie Campbell sacrificed herself in an effort to block them.

There’s more.  And it only gets worse.

Former Niantic Lab member Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe first tried to help Jarvis, but after being attacked by him during Operation Cassandra, retreated to Bangkok where he developed a new type of XM weapon, this time using ‘Dark XM’ or ‘Chaotic Matter.’  When he used this weapon against Jarvis he not only failed to defeat him, the Jarvis ‘entity’ shattered into 13 pieces or ‘Shards’ that dispersed to Portals around the world.

It is significant to note that in Bangkok Jarvis referred to himself as ‘Osiris.’ As you know, the Osiris myth relates to resurrection after a body is divided into 13 parts.

We now believe that Jarvis is plotting a resurrection of his own.  This will be achieved if a viable number of Shards are gathered at the Cupid’s Span mega-Portal in San Francisco.  Enlightened agents are working at this very moment to make that happen.  A parallel effort by Resistance agents is underway to gather the Shards into another mega-Portal in Buenos Aires, Argentina in order to destroy the Jarvis entity forever.

It is my firm belief that we should prevent a unification of the Shards at all costs.

+Devra Bogdanovich 
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' the threats and opportunities coming from Exotic Matter'  
Yes true, it may be a threat to many, many fuckers. That's why so desperate to contain it. If you find a way to stop it, do let me know. Stupid scientists. you're all the same
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