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Cynthia Valdez
A happy person who likes to have fun, work hard and come up with new ideas.
A happy person who likes to have fun, work hard and come up with new ideas.

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Milanote has just gone public, here is my latest review.

Is it ok to blog posts on this page? 

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Now that Trello is being bought out, I found an alternative to Trello a while ago that worked pretty well, and that people might want to consider using as an alternative. Its very fast and easy to convert your data from Trello over, and they have much better support for task management. They also integrate with 3rd party apps as well as IFTTT. So far so good, but tell me what you guys think. #web #android

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This looks promising.... #android #web

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Here is a very simple note taking app. Just checking it out now. #android 

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Nifty little collaborative web application that lets you set up a custom framework of nested documents for projects, to-dos, whatever you want. A desktop app is supposed to be coming soon. #web 

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I would like to request the ability to add due dates and labels when adding a card to Trello via the android app and chrome extension on my desktop. It would really help me save some time instead of having to go back into Trello and input that information manually. I have attached some screenshots for reference. Please let me know what you think. 
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I am new to Turtl and just getting used to it. However, I have noticed on the mobile version it doesn't want to open attachments, and I have been getting the following message when I try to bookmark pages using the chrome extension:

Problem connecting to Turtl

There was an problem talking to the Turtl app. Make sure that Turtl is running and try clicking the button again.

If you don't have the Turtl desktop app yet, you can get it from the Turtl download page.

I just synced the app on windows and android and keep running into the same message.

Is there any way this can be fixed?


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