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Victor Garbe
Old school generally nice guy who has strong values
Old school generally nice guy who has strong values

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Big Whoop!


It doesn't feel like #stpatricksday  

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Love it.

+Comcast Waited all week for a tech no one showed until today. Then the tech DID NOT exchange the modem. I never share publicly or to extended circles. However this cannot be tolerated anymore. I was a cable tech for years and never could I leave a customer in the shape I am in. If anyone can tell me the complaint dept info that would be great. I do not mean for this to be a rant but how much can one guy take. I am taking off work tomorrow to give this modem back. 3rd modem within a year. 

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This is my FAV by this band

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I am going to bed and leaving you with this!!!!!!

My funny story of moving to Georgia.

It is only funny now because it is all over. The first thing that happened was my movers showed up at 5:30 PM. They were supposed to be there at 1PM. They finished packing my junk at 11PM. with no beds or any other furniture I figured we would hit the road. I was exhausted. We got lost right away on NC 111. I figured it out when I saw a lighthouse. Then we started looking for a hotel. No room at the inn was the response at the first couple. Then we get off in some ghetto. There was a police stop looking for drunks. The Officer had a good laugh when he looked in my truck. He asked "Is it possible to fit any more shit in here." I replied " No, I tried." I then apologized and explained myself. Right then another driver pulls up on the other side. He would not roll his window down to talk to the cops. Finally they opened his door. He fell out and puked. They arrested him immediately and told me I can be on my way. 

The hotel down the block was the worst I ever saw. The front desk was behind bullet proof glass which was covered in stink bugs. The clerk handed me my key and tv remote. On the way to my room a prostitute came up to me to talk. She had to be a senior citizen. I ran to the room which was about the size of my bathroom. There was one very small bed. I was travelling with my mother this would not do. Back on the road until 4:30 AM. I found a Holiday inn. It was great. I was beat. Got the room for half price due to the time. 

The next day I was stuck in traffic. I got to Columbia SC when I stated seeing double and swerving off the road. I got another room. This one was real nice. I got myself some new directions. I never fell asleep. I was worried. I woke Mom up at 4AM and said lets hit the road. We finally arrived in GA around 8 or 9 AM. Then I helped the movers unload everything. Today is the first day I feel rested. 

Sorry for the huge story. Hope it is worth the read. It felt good to write about it. =)

Back online. Thank you Jesus. Two times AT&T cancelled my appointment and did not even call. So I had to go with Comcast. But at least I am back

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