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Arjun Kalyanpur
Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur is CEO and Chief Radiologist at Teleradiology Solutions
Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur is CEO and Chief Radiologist at Teleradiology Solutions

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Teleradiology for Tripura
I am happy to report that our Teleradiology initiative in
Tripura has till date been a resounding success. Beginning in September 2016 we
have till date (July 1, 2017) reported 15662 cases and are providing services to
23 sites in the state. This is our fir...

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End of year reflections
This is the end of the year for me, as another birthday looms.
From the academic standpoint, , this chronobiological landmark is of value as
it enforces the need to renew one’s CME for the purpose of medical license
renewal. Like many other things in life, ...

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We are currently at a strange
and interesting stage in healthcare. We are juxtaposed between an era
when the doctor was God and one in which the doctor is a self-serving schemer
and  someone to be regarded with
suspicion, as any other profit-making service ...

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Out of Africa
A brief update on the recent
PACORI conference (Pan African Congress of Radiology and Imaging) in
Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania, at which TRS was represented by Kishor Joshi, our VP of
Global Sales,  Srividhya from the sales team, and myself. The conference was he...

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A landmark day for TRS
Monday February 13 th was a landmark day for TRS, for
two significant reasons: a)     It marked the signing of our partnership agreement with GE
Healthcare. This is a major milestone in TRS history. For one, it is a luminary
partnership that positions us mo...

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Keeping The Gold Seal
Our organization just underwent
a Joint Commission Survey. While the mention of JC surveys has reportedly been
known to induce toothache-like symptoms and other psychosomatic complaints in
hospital administrators and physicians alike, our own experience in ...

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The Deeper the Learning the more Artificial the Intelligence
of the key messages from the last RSNA was that Deep Learning, Data Mining and
Artificial Intelligence are all terms that are now an inseparable part of
radiology vocabulary. From the keynote address to the technical exhibits, all
signs pointed towards ...

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3D Lab collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital
It has been an eventful summer and one of the highlights at TRS
has been the launch of our new 3D Lab providing postprocessing services to the
Massachusetts General Hospital. Led by Roy D’Souza, who did his 3D Imaging fellowship at the Mass
General Hospital...

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Two losses in the recent past have left me
realizing the true importance of what life is really about. I very recently lost my good friend Sameer Shetty, an
entrepreneur and delightful human being full of zest for life, energy, enthusiasm
and a great sense ...

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Imaging technology innovations - and what drives them
I just read an article ( )
about a new technology that has just been developed at the Monash University in
Australia, that is set to revolutionize pulmonary imaging. The test, called
4DPIV, ( ht...
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