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Just noticed when you invite someone on Google+ your friends appear as suggestions in Find and Invite on their new profile. This has to be a bug, right?

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Click on the guy's profile photo once u are on his profile!
I made something stupid for you. Click my avatar on my profile page.

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Google+ feels a lot more professional, somewhat serious, no fooling around kind social network. Or is it just that most of the mischievous elements from FB friend list are not on G+ yet? Thoughts anyone?

God bless iPhone root access.. Life saver!

Until G+ adds a way to "re-collapse" comments. I like to click on "comment" that scrolls you to the end of the comments!

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Good valid points..
Where does Google+ fit in my life?

In order for a product to make its way into my everyday routine it either has to create a new addiction (eg. make every picture I take look awesome -- instagram) or offer an experience that is so much better than the competition that I make the switch (eg. My move from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook). So where does Google+ fit in? I'm not sure, but a few of the features having me coming back for more:

-- Feedback Loop: +1's next to everything give me a way to acknowledge others for their contributions, whether it be a great comment or post to the stream. Facebook offers this in the form of 'likes' but this is a key feature missing from Twitter. To give feedback on Twitter I need to retweet or reply, this requires a lot more thought than a simple +1 click.

-- Realtime data: Seeing comments appear Quora style (as they are happening) is fun -- couple that w/the lightweight feel of the UI and G+ feels a lot faster than the competition.

-- Incoming: This allows me to see all the post from people that are following me, for brands and Scoble (web celebs) this is a great way to interact w/your fan base without having to follow people you don't know.

-- Wait, this is a long post: Is this a blog replacement? What happened to 140 characters? This post will reach a wider audience than posting it on, it also has the added benefit of social sharing built in from the ground floor (think Tumblr re-blog). I might replace my blog w/G+ if it bring more traffic and sharing.

-- Sparks: This needs a lot of work but could be a killer feature. I'm excited for the posibilites here.

... all that said, great first effort Google!

Delhi Belly - Reminds a little of Snatch, but brings lots of new twists and the Indian touch works for a change!

Google still need to do some work on stream curation. FB's feed curation is way more advanced. It just knows what you want to see. Guess this would come as the social graphs build up?
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