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New Blog
So... I obviously haven't posted in a while. For a couple of reasons. Mainly because I just felt like I didn't have anything to blog about. Not that I didn't love my blog, but I was in a weird slump for a very long time. But I'm better now! However, I start...

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Bout of Books 11.0: Spell It Out
Today's Bout of Books ( LINK ) challenge is to spell a word out using the first letter of book titles. So I noticed that a lot of people are doing their first names, but I don't have the books to do my first name! (And I wanted to do something different-ish...

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Bout of Books 11.0: Like This, Try this!
Hello again everyone! Today's challenge is from  Bout of Books 11.0  again. The challenge today is to take a book and recommend another book that someone would like if they liked the original. I decided to pick a trilogies, as I like trilogies. So if you li...

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Bout of Books 11.0: Create A Sentence Challenge!
So as you may know, I am participating in Bout of Books 11.0 ( Click here for details! ). Throughout the week they have little challenges just to have fun to break up your reading time.  Today's challenge is to create a sentence using the first two words th...

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My Tethered Soul by Dorothy Dreyer out today!
Hey again everybody! Today, My Tethered Soul , the second book in the Reaper's Rite series, came out! Author Dorothy Dreyer, who is an amazing lady if I do say so myself, was kind enough to give me some links and what not to help get the word out, because I...
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