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Automated email responses are rarely a good idea.

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Numbers here are interesting... According to the State Department, some applicants from the Philippines have been waiting since 1988.

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Thank you +Liz Heron for sharing!
Re-sharing to make this public...
Here are a few things I learned from our first New York Times Google+ video hangout:

I just watched it in full, after running around with +Alexis Mainland and +Bill Horn "producing" it behind the scenes yesterday. It's pretty amazing how raw and organic it feels, and how different than traditional broadcast. +Sam Grobart and +Jenna Wortham did a great job as hosts (thanks, guys!).

1. Apparently there is a thriving community of artists, musicians and fashion types on here, something I learned during the hangout. We'll have to do one of these with our Culture critics!
2. If you're a publisher hosting a hangout, be aware that every comment you type on your page scrolls across the bottom of the video in progress.
3. Next time, we'll ask everyone to introduce themselves to get a sense of who we're talking to and bring out the shy ones.
4. An echo can screw up the audio for everyone. It probably helps to give instructions to the participants about their echo settings, and headphones on everyone might be beneficial.
5. Every 10 minutes or so, ask participants to drop out and make room for more people.
6. Having a popular hangout is both a blessing and a curse -- when lots of people are trying to get in, it makes the hangout somewhat unstable. Anyone have any tips on how to tackle that problem?

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Love this +Lou Dubois.
The Philadelphia Marathon leader Josephat Ongeri at mile 20, 1:42 in (via +Lou Dubois)

"I'm sure you'll hate it but, like [Adam Sandler] always says, the lower the Rotten Tomato meter, the higher the box office."

That's "Jack and Jill"'s co-screenwriter Steve Koren.

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Extremely excited to share this circle - check out all 10 local NBC Google+ pages.

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Just a quick FYI!
The federal government will take over TV and radio at 2 p.m. on Wednesday for a 30-second test of a system designed to inform the nation of major emergencies.
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