2.7GHz vs 2.3GHz Retina MacBook Pro - What's the $850 premium worth?

+Ryosuke Niwa and I both picked up new Retina MacBook Pros with identical specs (Quad-core i7, 16Gb ram, 512Gb SSD) except I went with the 2.7Ghz processor and he the 2.3Ghz. Since we both work on Chrome we benchmarked the two on a vanilla WebKit build.

Time to build WebKit --release
  2.7Ghz: 18m58s, 18m56s, 18m55s = 0.3156 hours average
  2.3Ghz: 21m4s, 20m57s, 20m57s, 20m27s = 0.3476 hours average
Time to build WebKit --debug
  2.7Ghz: 18m47s, 18m48s, 18m46s = 0.3131 hours average
  2.3Ghz: 20m47s, 20m58s, 20m53s = 0.3480 hours average

We used WebKit @r123074, XCode 4.3.3, and blew away the output after each build. Prices are $3,249.00 vs $2,399.00.

Net-net, builds are about 10% faster.

Is it worth it? There's not really a clear winner for WebKittens. I'd go for the 2.3Ghz if I were to buy today. Ryosuke has some more details at http://goo.gl/N1iy6 after enabling FileVault. (TLDR: no performance impact! That is cool.)

I'm sad to report that Ninja building Chromium using my chrome-in-webkit-in-chrome turducken takes 26m34s.
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