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Hey look! A podcast! We talk about escape rooms, talking to animals, and how to answer that "what are your strengths and weaknesses?" questions at interviews!

As a Canadian, I can read "PLEASE PLAY AGAIN" from only seeing the bottom bits of the 'A' and 'Y'.

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The Flickr album from my trip to Nagasaki! Please enjoy :)

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My first time hanging around the Observatory on Carling.

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While I was in Japan, I dumped a bunch of pictures from my camera to my iPad to quickly share them... Now that I'm home and have time, I can finally sort, tag, and post them to Flickr.

Here's a fun evening shot of Nagasaki, from the night when +Donna Macera, +Viviane Focsaneanu and I visited Glover Garden. I want to go back, if only to see the outdoor escalators again. How crazy is that?

Sup G+?

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There is lots of rain in Pokhara this late in the season. Not good for the rice harvest. Not bad for the ambiance at this restaurant.

Can you believe? In a week From now,I'm going to be on a plane traveling halfway around the world!

+Prashanta Dhakal fed me! Thanks!

I have one month before I leave for Japan, and just a bit longer before I head to Nepal. I don't know of I should do a lot of planning, or just wing it all!
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