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Wedding Flowers Turned into Jewelry
Turning your wedding flowers in to lasting keepsakes is as easy as 1-2-3 with Freezeframe | bloombeads . With tons of convenient drop off locations throughout Ohio and around the country as well as our EZ ship kit , you can send your flowers in to us after ...

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Jewelry Made From Real Flowers
When people see our line of Bloombeads jewelry for the first time,
the question we hear over and over again is always the same… “So, wait..
THAT is made from the actual flowers?!? The flowers are inside the
jewelry?!?” And every time, we enjoy telling th...

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Floral Preservation -- Not a DIY Project
Going DIY for your wedding is an excellent way to cut costs and make your special day truly unique. Take one look around Pinterest and you're sure to find a hundred awesome and cost friendly ideas that
will keep you and your bridesmaids happily busy for th...

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Custom Wedding Flower Preservation
We know how important the details of your wedding day are and how long you spent making sure that everything was just perfect. Let +Freezeframe | bloombeads create a custom shadowbox display featuring your wedding bouquet as well as other wedding day detail...

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Turn Your Wedding Flowers into Art
Don't throw your bouquet away.. Let +Freezeframe | bloombeads preserve your flowers and turn them into a piece of art! Our team will work with you to pick out the perfect design that will showcase your wedding flowers in a unique way. Framed Artwork made fr...

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Jewelry made out of Wedding Bouquets
Turning your wedding flowers into Heirloom Quality jewelry is a Great and Fun way to hold on to the memories of your wedding day... And, pass it on to future generations! +Freezeframe | bloombeads can help you design a custom piece of jewelry that can remai...

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Funeral Flowers turned into Jewelry
Turning funeral flowers into custom heirloom quality jewelry is a great way to pass down memories of loved ones who have passed. +Freezeframe | bloombeads can turn those important flowers into lasting keepsakes. Bloombeads Jewelry made from Funeral Flowers ...

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Memorial Flower Preservation
Creating a custom keepsake with memorial flowers is a very special way to honor the passing of a loved one. Here at +Freezeframe | bloombeads , we'll walk you through every step to ensure that your finished piece is an heirloom that you'll love for years to...

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Wedding Flower Preservation
Choosing to Preserve your Wedding Bouquet is a great way to help preserve the memories of your Big Day. +Freezeframe | bloombeads can help you every step of the way when you choose to Preserve your Bouquet! Wedding Flower Preservation ...

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