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Fabiana Ávila
Life is the masterpiece, and I am a humble witness trying to save some beauty in words that I wish will live on.
Life is the masterpiece, and I am a humble witness trying to save some beauty in words that I wish will live on.


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Anima Mea
Ala-te Inala aspira-te alma Enleva leva-te mesmo se distante Consta no instante conta como infante Atos: balança alcança os lonjilíneos
dedos da justiça, firma a aliança Asperge borrifa teu próximo de gotículas de
bondade Espalhe felicidade Empluma, aconche...

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Acabei de vê-la passou por aqui vivaldina,
saltitante pousou em meu ombro farfalhou-me nas
faces dançou sob a luz
estéril do escritório frio Azul, infinita,
colorida de rio alçou suas asas
diáfanas insistentes asas
fosforescentes, intrínsecas de
saudades Co...

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The man from Apolo 15
In 1985, as he
publishes Entering Space:
An Astronaut’s Odyssey I entered
kindergarten on my literary voyage In another world,
Votuporanga He is Allen IV, I, just the middle
child He entered as salt
and pepper sprinkles on our Friday lunch At the heat of ou...

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My visit to you
Hi dear friend darling of mine sister of my heart I visit you in
thoughts in prayers in tears but overall,
thinking of you I visit you in
smiles I come alone, but in my soul this building of
past present, tomorrow this castle of sand of diamonds guarded by ...

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The unexpected stop
The train is on time on tracks, on days up nights Friction, sparks little starlight on the horizontal
ladder connections from here to there To where? On the cold ticket printed defined
destinations Liar Deranged train Grabbing the tracks tricking hearts wit...

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Auto procurada
Procuro-me desesperadamente Desapareci
lentamente caco a caco despedaçadamente Estava a trilhar apressada, atrasada, a beira do abismo da
falha Perfeccionissimamente passo a passo cada pedra no
caminho um novo caco esculachos a cada descompasso Ah barqueiro...

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Tea party at five
Pink clouds get out of my way I must go, this is
the day! Silk or lace? What shade? Smart hat, pink or
lilac? It must be soft as the words we must
speak as the cotton-candy
sky as the solemnity of
the blooms The sweet scented
petals caressing soft as feathe...

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True love: Spring love
Hail Earth, lovely Earth Love blossoms in spring forms Chirping creatures, distant echoes Rushing sounds of airplanes Blue sky, the same sky Always opalescent in quadratic
seasons Port foundations Of the great journey, the enigma Grasses swaddled in blanket...
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