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Graphic Design for Librarians
4 week Online Workshop
$99.00 12 TLEU Approved

For sign up and more information

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Starts May 2, 2016 
Enroll through the first week of class Mayl 9th, 2016.
Graphic Design for Librarians
Online Workshop for Librarians and Staff (No Prior Art Background Required)
Fun, Relaxed, Informative! Recommended by Librarians.
See what other Graphic Design projects other librarians are creating.  Learn surprising tips for creating projects.
Approved for 12 TLEUs (Indiana) All librarians (academic, public and school librarians, etc.) welcome.
Enroll today for this 4 week workshop.  Starts May 2, 2016.
For more information and to sign up visit
Mary wants parents to know about her Mom and Me reading program in her neighborhood library. She also likes to have visuals on hand when she presents at the department meetings.
Todd has been asked to create a library guide for patrons to use when librarians are not available. He also is responsible for making the informational signage for general patrons.
Youth Service Librarian, Sandy has a large group of teens who rely on blogs to gather their information about new books, craft programs, and clubs. Her job is also to create wall displays and other art for the teen corner.
You have decided on a general theme for your Summer Reading Program but you want to carry the idea over to announcements, flyers, posters, bookmark incentives, and the bulletin board.
Librarians are often asked to communicate or speak a visual language. The Graphic Design for Librarians class gives you the rules and tools for making that challenge not only possible but fun.
The four week class gives you an opportunity to network and share ideas with others who are actively engaged in what you are doing. No prior art experience is needed or required to learn simple guidelines for making those graphic design tasks easier and more effective-no matter the project.
Ignite your creative spark while learning basic skills needed to produce practical projects with the hardware and software you have already.
What are librarians who have taken the workshops saying about the class?
I found the section on fonts particularly informative. . .The information on fonts was most helpful.
I learned that I need to be more aware of font, color, and placement. I liked the guidance and direction that was given to us for this project, but I especially loved how you let us use our own creativity for the project. So much fun!
It really does help to see how others lay things out and what the possibilities are not just for posters, but for calendars, business cards, letters, and brochures. All of these are things that I have been called on to create at some point or another.
The links to the templates and the link to the free graphic design software was particularly helpful.
Overall, the visual examples and the links to resources have been the most helpful to me. The exercise of creating a flyer from scratch was eye-opening and enjoyable. . .
The video clips were clear and informative.
I have enjoyed the class and have learned quite a bit.
I have already started using what I learned in creating at least a 1/2 doz new flyers for our programs during the last few weeks! What is so satisfying is that people are noticing that the flyers are a lot more interesting to look at and I have gotten several compliments on them (yeah!) 

Learn art fundamentals that will help you create effective design projects. Through illustrated lectures, hands-on assignments, and discussion groups you will explore basic principle and design elements, attention grabbers, and tips for creating the layout, font, and content techniques you want to project.
Week 1-The first week you will network with others and share your most successful projects. You will also learn how to “read” art designs by exploring the elements of composition and principles of design. Selecting materials, supplies, and software that you may want or need will be presented. The variety of projects that a librarian may want to create using graphic design techniques will be addressed.
Week 2-The second week will combine the techniques that you learned in the first class and then merge them with more tools for creating effective designs. Specific projects such as posters, flyers, signage, displays, and other basic graphic design tasks will be created and critiqued. The importance of Font will be included in this second class.
Week 3-We will look at the rules of Layout and White Space in Week 3. Brochures, newsletters, guidebooks, and other more challenging projects will be analyzed and reviewed.
Week 4-Content and themes come together in Week 4 as we explore electronic design. We will look at the good and the ugly as we learn how to create aesthetically pleasing websites, blogs, and other internet project designs.
For more information Contact-Valerie Colston
Sign Up Today.  This is a 4 week workshop only $79.00 (USD)  UK, Canadian, Australian and other currency accepted on the Pay Pal secure website.
You may purchase the class through the secured pay pal site below or Library Invoices are Accepted contact me at
Purchase this class today by visiting Graphic Design for Librarians

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Enroll in this recommended by librarians, informative online workshop starting 
March 21 (enroll throughout the first week of class-March28)
Join other librarians in learning ideas for creating a Maker Space no matter if your space is as
small as a table or as large as an auditorium.  Safety, STEAM
Programming, and Funding are just a few of the topics that will be
included in this 4 week online class.

Join other librarians and staff in this popular 4 week online class.
Access at your convenience 24/7.  Interact with other librarians and
instructor. Illustrated lecture, forum, and video.

Sign up and more information at

$59 Fee Through Pay Pal Secure Site or Library Invoice Requests Accepted

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Making Maker Spaces Programming for Teachers

This timely workshop presents how to set up advice, practical idea suggestions, and resources for creating art, science, career awareness, and hands on collaboration and learning into your classroom.  

Sign in and more information:

The following are a small sampling of recent comments from a similar class designed for librarians:

Maker space programming is a simple way to reinvent your library space into a fun learning environment for your patrons and community. Programs that are geared to smaller crowds work well in our indoor physical space but larger programs and projects work well on our large lawn. I like knowing that there doesn't have to be a product, but rather the process of learning is your gift. Thank you!

The most helpful information I gleaned here are the programming ideas that can be discovered through the lecture links. I know I can be organized, but coming up with ideas is not so easy. Looking at what others have done can help my library get this maker program up and running.

I'm glad to say that I'm feeling very inspired by this class. I'm also glad to say that my department head is excited, too, so I think, by January, we'll have something going.

I've gained some new ideas for programs and activities that I hope to incorporate in our new space. I've also learned more about what safety equipment we should have on site, and what safety rules and regulations we should post.

I think there can be a lot of value in Maker Spaces in the School Library. It will be a little different to implement and manage than in a public library setting, but still very feasible! I intend to try one different project per term this school year, starting with the 3D pens (2nd term), origami (3rd term) and making a chair for the Media Center out of cardboard boxes (4th term). This class helped me to clarify my vision so that I could successfully implement a plan.

There is a kind of revolution going on in library programming.  Whether you call them Maker,  Community, or Hacker Spaces, these DIY working areas in libraries have become a popular meeting and creative program space for patrons of all ages.   Now you can bring the Makerspace to your classroom.

Much more than a make it and take it the Maker Space provides the tools, instruction, and company of others that inspire and enable creative making.  The programs are most popular with teens and young adults but can include college and university level students of all ages. 

Maker program participant activities range from learning Fine Art Painting skills to creating Ancient Astronomical Instruments and everything in between. Co-creaters and subject experts may collaborate to build robots, a new business, 3-D graphic T-shirts,  or bicycle sculpture. It's not just primarily physical doing that happens at the Maker Space.  Teen and older Maker activities can include poetry making, writing workshops, language coding and other intellectual pursuits.

Participants will receive excellent resources that they can begin using immediately to plan and present a Maker-station and Space program of their own.  

Online Workshop 12 hours Overall

Unit 1-This week we will explore the definition of MakerSpace. We will look at specific examples in various school libraries and classrooms and begin to learn how to create one yourself in your own school.

Unit 2-Week 2 we will continue to look at techniques for creating a maker-stations  , tools and supplies you will need and how to locate materials and experts to facilitate programming. Safety issues will also be addressed.  Designing space.  What skills do participants learn?

Unit 3-The best of Makerspace Programming ideas. This week we will look at a numer of projects and programs that you can begin offering today in your classroom.

Unit 4-Sorting programs using Age, Interest, and Budget as a factor. Create a MakerSpace program proposal.  

Instructor Valerie Colston, M.A. is a university art instructor and author with many years of experience developing and presenting art programs at several San Diegoand Orange County, California libraries. She has taught 100 Art Ideas for Teachers at the University of California, Extension in San Diego, California and a variety of Art history courses online through colleges and universities. Colston has taught Tweens, Teens Go Green Projects, Programs, and Maker Spaces for Librarians at Simmons College.  Her book 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills published by Barrons Educational Series has received outstanding reviews appearing in School Library Journal, National Art Education Association newsletter, and more. Her "It's Easy to be a Green Teen" appeared in the youth librarian publication Voices of Youth Advocates.  She has written Teens Go Green! Tips, Techniques, Tools and Themes for YA Programming. Libraries Unlimited Professional guides for Young Adult Librarians Series published in December 2012. Her artwork was recently  included in a group show titled HOME at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

For more information Contact-Valerie Colston

Sign Up Today.   This is a 4 week workshop only $59.00 (USD)  UK, Canadian, Australian and other currency accepted on the Pay Pal secure website.

You may purchase the class through pay pal below or if you prefer an invoice contact me at or School and Library checks are also accepted upon approval.
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