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My new profile is all set up ... so please follow it back :-) I'll try to phase this one out over the next couple of days ...

To all of my new Circlers .. followers ... Google+ers ... whatever we call ourselves:

It seems Google is enabling Google+ for Apps users over the next few days. That means I'll be gradually migrating all of my stuff from here to my other account (assuming Google sticks with their regular MO and doesn't let me simply merge the accounts).

So don't be shocked if another "Eric Mann" who bears a striking resemblance to me re-adds you to his circles in a day or so. :-) Feel free to do the same!

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I have to admit ... I've never seen anything cast a shadow on the sky! The photo of Mt. Rainier is spectacular! (linked from

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Not so sure a contact lens + haptic feedback + a 360-degree treadmill = my own personal holodeck ... but it's still an intriguing concept. I think I'd be interested in testing a real-time head's up display/augmented reality system some day. Just not today :-)

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Birth Pangs
LkCa 15 b is a young planet, so young in fact it is still in the process of forming. Surrounded by a swath of cooler dust and gas which continues to add to it's mass, the hot protoplanet is an example of the youngest planet observed while it's forming. Astronomers from the W.M. Keck Observatory used the adaptive power of Keck's 10-meter telescopes and a technique called aperture mask interferometry to observe the young planet. The adaptive optics allow astronomers to use a deformable mirror to rapidly correct for atmospheric distortions of starlight while the interferometry involves placing a small mask with several apertures in the path of the collected light, which allows the astronomers to manipulate the light waves.

"It’s like we have an array of small mirrors,” said Kraus. “We can manipulate the light and cancel out distortions.” The technique allows the astronomers to cancel out the bright light of stars. They can then resolve disks of dust around stars and see gaps in the dusty layers where protoplanets may be hiding."
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When it comes to making a sale, creating a positive customer experience and building a relationship is what it's all about.

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Awesome article by a long-time friend of mine.

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I accidentally left one of my favorite coffee mugs in the office when I left my last job. Thankfully, a friend still at the company was able to rescue it for me!
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