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Clear, effective communication
Clear, effective communication

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Having a great time with the Afterschool Matters practitioner research fellowship, level 2.

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How I wish there were a market, as well as a need, for copyediting of laundromat signs. Also Chinese takeout menus.

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On this shortest day of the year, it's good to light a candle. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all, please join me in lighting a candle (or three or ten) in your home tonight.
And then light a candle in your heart. Light a candle against the deeper darkness that has nothing to do with when the sun sets. Light a candle in your heart, and call it justice. Call it hope. Call it freedom, love, peace, joy, or whatever shines brightest for you against the world's darkness.
And then keep that candle lit throughout 2012. This is my holiday wish for you: Don't let the light go out.

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Wow, now there are FOUR people I know on Google+

If you got here from my e-letter, post here or msg me to get an invitation to Google+. I need more people to play with.

Everyone I've put in a circle shows up in my Google contacts and therefore on my Android phone. I don't mind on the computer, but on the phone it's clutter. I am not ever going to call Mashable.

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Why? But why? But why? Keeping asking till you get to the rock-bottom no-baloney answer. THEN you're ready to start crafting your message.

I feel so inadequate. I haven't even got the hang of Twitter yet, and now I'm trying Google+ with no real sense of what the heck I'm doing. AND...Where does one get the time for all this?

I need more people to play with on Google+
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