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When searching a subreddit with an underscore in the title redditsync searches the subreddit before the underscore.

For example a search of will search and the action bar displays the word art

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Lots of indie games are on sale in the Google Play Store! Most are 50%-75% off, so be sure to check them out and support these innovative teams.

I feel kind of odd...I have had #Ubuntu 12.04 since the beta release yet I am a bit jealous of everyone installing today. I miss that new OS smell and going through all those things to do articles. Oh well,12.10 isn't that far away. Enjoy #Precise everyone!

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Even though I am studying to be a chemist this kind of stuff always blows my mind

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One of my favorite thing in the world
That awkward moment when you’re yelling at someone and you mess up a word. And it ruins the seriousness...

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Now I don't have to waste my time eating the cereal! And no one can tell me it's unhealthy cause its homemade!

I have just spent half of my work day calling people and I learned 3 things.
1. Most people don't pick up their phones

2. People still use ring back tones.

3. People who have their children record the voicemail message are assholes 

Thanks to some quality posts from +Liz ℚuilty (they are all quality actually and if you aren't following her you probably should be) I am going to attempt to be more social on the internet. Anyone have any tips on making my Google+ experience better?

Oh no my mom just started following me on twitter! Now Google+ is the only safe place left on the internet.

I am officially switching to Google+. Twitter has always sucked, Facebook has been nuts for years and if I have to do the whole social networking thing this is my only option. I liked the internet better when everyone used IRC and message boards.
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