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why have all of my posts been deleted?

i don't understand, i posted twice and they were both deleted?

this is very cool to be on "RL" social media, i don't spend much time in sl lately cause of the insane amount of grievers due to lack of accountability. It's a nightmare that I prefer to avoid. Let's talk here and be real. 

Here I am in my medical bed thinking "How can I use my brain to improve my health and lose weight?" I have GyrOSC on my phone and I know how to make it control programs and enter keystrokes and mouse clicks into the computer (or i did, have to brush up on that). ideas please? Oh and i have a 3D printer too...

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My first "Jingle Machine", a jingle bell player - just add jingle bells...

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Weird Music Video Thing...

OK so I'm a 3D printing enthusiast and a newbie here at corewar so naturally I seek a way to combine my hobbies. This leads to the idea: can I make a core memory battleground for core war? Would it be possible to limit the address space to something that can be 3D printed in a reasonable amount of time?

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just some ramblings about Phone Home...

Software Gurus?

I would like to get involved in Core Wars, it's my kind of game!  My only concern is that I'm just an intermediate level hack at software, and I'll probably be up against Gurus on the top of the mountain here.  What's the background of a typical player and do I even stand a chance?
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