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Hey everyone! So the newest update (5.1) features the following:
•Donation section
•Toast notifications are now in the center of the app instead of the bottom (to make sure that the main box is not blocked)
•Minor bug fixes

I'll be pushing this update to everyone very soon once I confirm that there are no app breaking issues. Thanks everyone! I'll push updates specifically to the beta channel soon too.

Hello everyone! Thank you so much in taking part of the beta testing for Meet Me Halfway. So far how has everything been? Any crashes? How does the UI look on your devices? Any weird issues? All working well?

Hello everyone! If you run into any issues, please let me know here or via email :)! If you also run into a force close, send it over to me.

The newest beta update which you will be using includes the following:
•Subtle material redesign
•Address autocomplete
•You can now long press on the map to enter an address!
•Lollipop fix: Navigation and status bars are now transparent
•Pressing the "My location" button brings you to your location
•Pressing the "Meet Me Halfway" button now hides the main interface and brings up a floating action button giving you more viewing space
•Redesigned pop-up ballon when you press on a location (now includes rating and price level)
•"Select all" option for filter results
•Changed action bar to toolbar
•"Show alternative routes" is now a checkbox option

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10 random observations about the Silicon Valley scene these days:

1. A lot of cool stuff is going on. Android, IoT, Bitcoins, new social paradigms, blurring of consumer and enterprise, sharing economy, health tech, new educational models... the next generation of solutions are coming soon.
2. Android is going to be big. Much much bigger than it is today. Its just the start.
3. Everything that should be smart will be so. I saw a smart mattress company lately. It deduces how well you sleep and gives tips on how to sleep better. Given the cost of connectivity these days, there is no reason that every single object we use should be more intelligent and better at what it does. This space is where Mobile was in 2007.
4. Valuations are sky high and deals are expensive. Something is bound to give. Soon.
5. You need less money to kick off a company. You need more money to make it stick out. It sort of evens out.
6. People and teams are (thankfully) paramount. Investment decisions/recruiting choices are still made based on people first then ideas. Its not as frothy as in late 90s.
7. Silicon Valley is incredibly good at finding holes in everything. And hyping up whatever is the flavor of the day
8. On the flip side, people will go out of their way to help you in this industry. I had read an article on social currency recently. Nowhere is it more apparent than here in Silicon Valley
9. The cafes, libraries, incubators, free office spaces are all booming with all sorts of people hunched over their laptops building new companies. Love the valley!
10. One quickly learns that there is no such thing as a bad idea (well..mostly :) ). Its almost all the time, bad execution. 

More soon. 
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