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Knotted cable chain stitch
TAST stitch 86               This is a more versatile stitch.Easy to learn because its a combination of cable chain and oyster stitch. Thanks to Sharon for sharing this stitch.Work from top to bottom. Bring the needle to the front of the fabric and insert (...

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Laced herringbone stitch -Herringbone variation 4
This is one of the easiest variation and a quick method to add further decoration to the stitch. Step 1       Work a row of   of herringbone stitch. Step 2       Work lacing from left to right.  With the same or contrasting thread and a blunt needle, bring ...

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Fancy herringbone stitch - Herringbone stitch variation 3
  Fancy herringbone
stitch   is an ornamental stitch which is
worked in more than one colour.  It is worked in spaced multiple rows, using a
carefully selected range of colours.   To work this stitch neatly and keep the row
straight, choose an even-weave fa...

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Tied Herringbone Stitch
Tied herringbone stitch is one of herringbone stitch variations. Step 1  Work from left to right. Do a layer of herringbone stitch Step 2    Work tying stitches from right to
left.   With the same or a contrasting
thread, bring needle up at 1 and down at 2....

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Herringbone stitch variation 1
Herrringbone stitch is worked between  two parallel  lines.This  is one kind of its variation. This stitch is great to work floral designs and border patterns. you can use this as a very attractive and adequate filling stitch. When you are filling a design ...

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Also known as   mossoul
stitch, plaited stitch, catch stitch or witch stitch. It is so called as   it resembles the bones   extending from the spine of a herring fish. It
is worked along parallel lines and these lines can be marked using an   invisible mark...

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                  A decorative stitch in embroidery made by winding
the thread several times round the needle before sewing a backstitch.
 Short bullion stitches are sometimes called bullion knots.           Also known as, caterpillar stitch ,coil stitch,

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            Fly stitch is a basic surface embroidery stitch and quiet versatile. Also
none as ‘Y ’stitch or open loop stitch. You can work this stitch individually
as a scattered filling or in rows.           When worked very closely together, they make
up ...

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Long tail chain stitch
Long tail chain is similar to Lazy daisy stitch. the only difference is that this has a long tie. This is one versatile stitch which can be plain, beaded or whipped. Long tail chain can be used in flower motifs, leaves and goes as your creativity... Step 1 ...

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No stitch embroidery
No stitch embroidery technique   If you are a beginner or you do not know embroidery techniques, don’t worry. Here is a technique to enrich your costumes. The result is so good compared to aari work or hand embroidery. It consumes less time and easier too. ...
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