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The Lightworks‬ for Mac public beta is now available.

For everyone.
Lightworks NLE official webpage
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Hey! #Lightworks 11.5.1 for Windows & Linux is now live!

Today, +EditShare is releasing the first maintenance release of +Lightworks 11.5 on Windows and Linux. Once again we have had a very successful Beta cycle and managed to fix some important issues in a very short space of time. 

Lightworks 11.5 has some incredible new features including:

• Support for AJA I/O devices (Kona and Io XT) (Windows, Pro version only)
• Import, Render and Export as background tasks
• YouTube export option including direct upload
• AC3 audio decode support removing the need for third party decoders
• Fully customisable user interface
• Smarter menus with fast access Export and FX favourites
• Powerful new multicam improvements
• Playback controls added to source and edit viewers

And many more! The full list can be found at

To read more about the changes in 11.5, including pricing changes, please see our Lightworks Forum post from earlier this year:

Give it a try, and thank you as always for using Lightworks!
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So, the proverbial shark’s out of the tank.

Yes, EditShare is planning to release an alpha version of Lightworks for Mac by February or sooner.

We’ll have more information to share in due course — keep an eye on for details! — at EditShare.
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Experience #EditShare Workflow Solutions at the #AVI Technology Showcase! Oct 16th & 17th in Rolling Meadows, IL.
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New Product Announcement! #EditShare Ultra, budget-friendly shared storage w/advanced project & media sharing
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The new EditShare Flow panel for Adobe Premiere Pro will allow users to browse and search for content on EditShare storage as well as annotate metadata across shared projects and platforms. See more at:
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Hey! The #Lightworks alpha test program for Mac OS X is also now live!

+EditShare is very pleased to announce that the first wave of alpha testing of +Lightworks 12 on OSX is now live to a very select few editors. These people are some of our most enthusiastic ‪#‎Lightworks‬ users, and we are pleased to let them have first access to Lightworks on the Mac.

We will begin the second and third waves of alpha testing later this month. Any users that previously registered interest on the Lightworks forum at will get access to the Mac alpha version of Lightworks over the coming weeks.

We expect the alpha test program to run for a couple of months at most, and are pleased to announce that the Mac Public Beta version will launch to the general public on the 11th June 2014.

The wait is almost over!
Lightworks NLE official webpage. Categories - Lightworks Forum
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Shared publicly  - is now live with the release of V11.5 for Linux and Windows #Lightworks
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The first Public Beta of #Lightworks 11.5 for Windows and #LINUX is now available! Check it out!

Pasting from the announcement on the Lightworks Forum:


Today we are releasing the first Public Beta version of Lightworks 11.5 on both Windows and Linux! 11.5 is the next major release of Lightworks and represents the stepping stone to version 12 which will be Windows, Linux and Mac. 

This latest Beta build is a huge step on from version 11.1.1. We now have AC3 audio decode support (cross platform) which no longer requires a separate audio filter. We have introduced a considerable amount of changes to the user interface including: Playback controls to viewers, right click menu functionality (export, adding effects etc) Colour scheme changes with user definable parameters, including scaling the interface. AJA Hardware I/O support, Background export, YouTube export and much more! 

This Beta build by no means represents the final product. There are several of the new features not working correctly and these issues are all covered in the Limitations and Known Issues list. Please pay particular attention to this list before downloading the installers. 

11.5 is considerably different from 11.1.1 and you may experience issues that you did not have in the current release build. Please be sure to report any regressions you find in Redmine. This Beta cycle is not for the faint hearted.

The Linux version now consists of two builds: .deb and .rpm (previously .deb only) The tested distros can be seen below: (Other distros may work, but have not been tested)

Debian Distros:

• Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu 13.10
• Mint 15

RPM Distros:

• Fedora 19
• OpenSUSE 12.3

The main new features of 11.5 can be seen below:

• Added support for AJA I/O devices (Kona and Io XT) drivers 10.4.1 and higher required (Windows, Pro version only)
• Added support for screen capture using the record panel (Pro version only)
• Added support for Retina displays (Pro version only)
• Added support for scalable user interface (Pro version only)
• Added ability to change interface colour scheme (Pro version only)
• Added YouTube export option to the export panel for Windows, Mac and Linux (Pro version only)
• Added AC3 audio decode support for Windows, Mac and Linux (Windows filter no longer required)
• Added ability to export to AVID DNxHD MOV using the EditShare MOV option (AVID DNxHD only)
• Added ability to export MXF OP1a MXF files (AVC-Intra RP2027 export option) (Pro version only)
• Added ability to create Macros from the Key Assignments panel (Pro version only)
• Added ability to search on the Key Assignments panel
• Added time-indicator strips to tiles (when you mouse-over)
• Added Curve effect to FX Colour Correction effects
• Added "Use Marks" option to the export panel
• Added Sync Group improvements, a record edit can now be synced with the sync group
• Added ability to generate a random edit based on users settings from the sync group
• Added background export. Background tasks now appear on the Tasks tab of the Project Card
• Added generating audio waveforms as a background task
• Added "Auto" frame rate project generation. New projects set to "Auto" will not have a defined frame rate until the first clip is imported
• Introduced playback controls to source and edit viewers
• Added magnetic snapping on all panels (this can be turned off in System Settings)
• Introduced ruler on timelines
• Introduced Right click functionality (Export, Add FX)
• Change the appearance of Lightworks. Scale, Window Colour, Text colour, Heading Colour, Subheading Colour, Selection Colour, Brightness, Typeface and Wallpaper image (Pro version only)
• Changed default media location to: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Lightworks folder (this avoids any Windows permissions issues, removing the need to start once as Administrator)
• Removed constraint on media locations in the Free versions. Free users can now specify where their media folders are stored
• Added ability to Insert/Replace a source into a record edit if one is not open (a record edit will automatically be opened and the source Inserted/Replaced)

For more information, including all the new changes and fixes please visit the Beta downloads pages below:

All Beta feedback for 11.5 is through Redmine here:

It is recommended that users first discuss any issues they encounter on the Lightworks Forum in the relevant sections below, before submitting any tickets in Redmine.

It is highly recommended users back up their entire Projects folder before installing any new Beta version of Lightworks. If any users experience issues with the Beta version they can safely step back to the release version 11.1.1.
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ALL3MEDIA AMERICA expands its #postproduction infrastructure to include 25 new #Avid #edit suites connected to a massive 192TB #EditShare XStream system.
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Visit us at #IBCshow stand 7.B26, for a preview of Flow 3! Featuring the new #AirFlow & #Flow Automation modules:
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Sept 15th, 4:30-10:30pm: Going to IBC? Join us at the #Amsterdam #SuperMeet! We have a special discount for our followers who register at the link below. Stop by for a preview of Lightworks on PC, Linux and Mac. Hope to see you soon!
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Contact info
Experts in video production workflow solutions, EditShare is the smart way to edit together.
EditShare™ is the technology leader in cross platform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems.

EditShare is the pioneer of a new category of collaborative editing solutions designed for digital media workgroups and production companies. The EditShare system fuels the collaborative creative process for digital media artists by delivering high quality high performance and cost effective networked collaborative editing solutions. 

Visit for product specs, customer stories and more!

EditShare is the publisher of RedShark, an online magazine providing news, views, and know-how for the moving image professional. It's on the web at, as well as @RedSharkNews on Twitter and RedSharkNews on Facebook.

EditShare is the company behind Lightworks, a pioneering Oscar™ and Emmy™ award winning video editing system that is going open source. Learn more about Lightworks at, on YouTube, and on Twitter.

Other places you can find EditShare online include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr, as well as our company blog.

 • • • • •

EditShare products are more than just shared storage – they are workflow engineered collaboration solutions that incorporate forward-thinking features to accelerate production, reduce costs, and leave more time for creativity. These innovations put EditShare technology a quantum leap ahead of its peers. 

True Project Sharing for Editors 
EditShare understands that “complete collaboration” requires more than just sharing media files. Therefore all EditShare storage solutions also give you the ability to share project files. Thanks to EditShare’s patented bin-locking / project locking framework, Avid and Final Cut Pro editors can instantly see, copy or revise the work of colleagues with the assurance that a bin, sequence or project will never get accidentally deleted or overwritten. EditShare is the only non-Avid solution that offers Project Sharing for Avid applications. And we are also the only solution – period – that offers simple straightforward project sharing for Final Cut Pro. 

Scalability Made Simple 
A natural question everyone asks when they consider shared storage solutions is: “Can the system grow as my needs grow?” EditShare gives you two ways to expand – up, and out. With our XStream product line, you can always add additional expansion chassis to a single “workflow director”, increasing the size of an individual server to over 200 TB. However, all EditShare systems also include our exclusive 

Extreme Scalable Architecture 
(ESA) technology. With ESA, when you plug an entirely new EditShare server into your network, it works together with previous servers as if they’re all in the same giant storage system. Administrators manage all EditShare servers through a single unified GUI. And thanks to our Windows and Mac OS X Login Clients, users won’t even be aware that there are multiple servers on the network. 

Universal Media File Technology 
EditShare’s patent-pending Universal Media File technology allows Avid and Final Cut Pro users to work with the exact same media files. Even though the two NLEs natively use different file formats – MXF and MOV – when you create media files with EditShare Flow, a single file can appear as if it’s in both formats. Flow lets you make Universal Media Files when you ingest from HD/SDSDI sources or when you transfer file-based media from XDCAM or P2. And you can even scan and process some of your existing media files and make them “Universal”. 

If you run a news or teaching operation, you can ingest one set of files and then anyone can use them no matter which editing program they prefer. Universal MOVs are also compatible with other applications such as Premiere Pro, EDIUS, After Effects, and Lightworks. 

And thanks to our exclusive partnership with Automatic Duck, when you work with Universal Media Files, you can now translate sequences back and forth between Avid and Final Cut Pro and all your media will just link up – no transcoding, duplicating, or rerendering required. 

Advanced Edit While Capture 
While a number of other ingest solutions may allow you to start capturing a videotape or video feed and then drag your new clip into an NLE timeline while the underlying files are still growing. EditShare Flow takes the technology one step further.

Not only does Flow support Edit While Capture for both Avid and QUickTIme formats, but Flow even lets you capture both formats at the same time. Plus, when you are working in a supported codec, Flow allows you to create Universal Edit While Capture clips that you can drag into virtually any NLE. 

Administration Features for Big Organizations 
When you have to manage the storage infrastructure for a large media organization – such as a university film and TV program – the ability to add and remove user accounts and set up, resize and remove storage spaces is paramount. That’s why EditShare has developed a number of tools specifically for large organizations. These tools include the ability to create “User Groups” within the EditShare system. EditShare supports Active Directory for password synchronization. And, using our Configuration Import Tool, you can easily lay out all your user accounts and spaces in a spread sheet. You can then import the spreadsheet into EditShare Manager, and in seconds your system will be set up for a new semester or year. 

Sync Tool for Moving Media Across Oceans 
Many EditShare customers – from movie studios to government organizations – have offices in multiple cities or countries. And many need their production staffs to collaborate between the various facilities. To help make this possible, EditShare developed the Sync Tool – a feature included with every EditShare Storage system. Whether you have your own a private network or you use a VPN, with the Sync Tool you can schedule huge amounts of data to be copied automatically between locations. Media that’s added on one side just shows up on the other – with minimal administrator intervention.

Bandwidth-Controlled File Ingest 
Media organizations are increasingly making the transition from videotape to XDCAM and P2. While this has vastly simplified production, it has created a challenge for shared storage systems. What happens when 20 reporters come in from the field at the same time to start preparing for the news and they all want to transfer media off their cards and discs? Without any controls, all those file transfers could interfere with editing and overwhelm both the network and the central storage. EditShare’s solution is Bandwidth Controlled File-based Ingest. Depending on your network and storage setup, the EditShare administrator simply sets a maximum aggregate bandwidth allowed for file-ingest and Flow takes care of the rest – evenly dividing the bandwidth between all the Flow clients. When only a few editors are transferring media, the data will move as fast as it can come off the cards. But when required, the transfer rate automatically rebalances to reflect the new demands. 

Economical Failover 
No matter how robust your storage system, there’s always the possibility it might suddenly become unavailable. You could have a fire or flood in your machine room. You might have a catastrophic hardware failure. We even have two customers whose systems were stolen in the middle of the night. That’s why backing up critical or irreplaceable material is always a good idea. But EditShare takes backups one step further. When you backup to an economical EditShare Ark Disk system, should your primary storage go down, you can “activate” your Ark Disk and allow it to stand in temporarily for the missing server. Within minutes, your editors can be up and running again to complete mission critical projects.

 • • • • •

EditShare founder & CEO Andy Liebman has won Emmy Awards for his production work on PBS Frontline documentaries "Sue the Doctor?" and "Cry, Ethiopia, Cry", as well as an Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University award for excellence in broadcast journalism.

Lightworks has won a variety of prestigious awards, most recently including Eddie, Bafta, & Academy Award nominations for Tariq Anwar's work on "The King's Speech".