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For Real This Time
This is my last blogger post.  Not my last post, just my last post here.  At least for a while.  It's been a great ride but google has basically just let blogger sit here and it's a damn shame.  The built in networking used to be great.  Click the next blog...

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Judgment Day
The internet got me again.  I was sitting here, reading the news, or at least what passes for news these days, when I came across an article titled Why I'm Keeping My Pregnancy A Secret From Work As Long As I Can.  That's a titillating title.  I wanted to k...

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Another Monkey PSA
Ladies, we need to talk.  You women have got to stop faking it. I'm not talking about orgasms.  While I have written of the downside of faking orgasms before, it has no bearing on my life.  If you want to pretend that your lady garden is quivering uncontrol...

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Forest of Trees
This is not the post I had planned on writing.  I don't remember what I was going to write but, trust me, you'd have laughed your asses off.  Instead, you get a more serious piece on compassion and we once again have Josie to thank for the subject matter . ...

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The Monkey Mind
I have often been asked how I think up the things I write and say.  I won't lie to you, there are times when I have no fucking idea.  I'm sitting their minding my own business and my mind says, "Hey, Frank, deal with this shit."  These moments are as surpri...

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10 Things I learned Watching 50 Shades of Grey
I just watched 50 Shades of  Grey with my wife.  It's not a horrible movie.  Don't get me wrong, it's not good, it's just not horrible.  As with most movies taken from books, it's obvious the audience is missing important things.  For example, near the end ...

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My good friend Josie over at Two Shoes in Texas has been inspiring the things you read her for years.  As thanks for this, she is one of only two people to have a Monkey made their honor and it graces my facebook profile every year on her birthday.  But tha...

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It's a Man's (Gaming) World
Following a link on Facebook led me to Youtube videos from an anti-feminist woman that amused me greatly.  Karen Straughan is a bit more wordy than I think she needs to be but she's spot on in her opinions and, more importantly, funny as hell.  When I found...

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A little over 12 hours ago my step mother's heart beat for the last time.  Some people are lucky to have one caring mother to love them unconditionally in a life time.  I was blessed to have had two. When I say Linda loved unconditionally, I mean it.  Even ...

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Let's Talk About Sex
I've been thinking a lot about sex lately.  I'm a man so I know, we're supposed to think about sex a lot.  But consider that I am a man and even I think it's a lot.  I may be going through puberty again.  It's not all about having sex, though those thoughts...
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