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Did Phil Feel Lucky?
Ok campers, rise and's GROUNDHOG DAY! The big question on everybody's lips... On their chapped lips... Did Phil see his shadow?? HE DID - I was RIGHT!! He saw his shadow, got scared, and put his cute little furry butt back in bed. Seriously thoug...

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2017 Furry Foreseer Day
Tomorrow is Groundhog Day It's the best holiday featuring a glorified rat and thousands of  revelers will brave the frozen noses in a small corner of Pennsylvania to see if Punxsutawney Phil will get us out of winter early. "This is one time where televisio...

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Thank you for supporting my dream
Small Business Saturday is to show support to the person behind the shop. We run on pure passion (and caffeine). We give our whole selves to our work. We do it all for our families. And it wouldn't mean anything without you. <3 span=""> Thank you for suppor...

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Black Friday
❄️  The holidays are in full swing  ❄️ That means you'd better get your hooks out! Get inspired in my Ravelry shop . Take 60% off your order of my original crochet patterns to make as gifts or keep for yourself! Use the code BLACKHOOKYFRIDAY when you check ...

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A Decade of Crochet
I learned to crochet 10 years ago this week. I was pregnant with my oldest, Bryn, and after Thanksgiving dinner my sister-in-law got out her yarn after recently learning to knit and crochet. At first we tried knitting, but it just didn't take so we pretty q...

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#crochetcheat - messy colorwork
When you're changing colors... a LOT... who else hates getting tangled up in your yarn? The only thing worse is weaving in ends (but we won't go there). So let me show you what I do. It keeps those yarn strands completely untangled, and once you get the han...

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Looky Looky...
I got hooky!! Designed by Ms Hooky herself (that would be me) and exclusively online, my new tees and hoodies are just in time for Fall. I'm not trying to become the next new tshirt designer, but when an idea comes to you, you just have to GO with it. And I...

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I can't stop watching
Ever wonder what would happen if you took a blade to a cone of thread? This is the answer... Check out this bit of everyday magic! Had to free some old cones from some yarn I couldn't use and this unexpected beauty occurred 😍 #stinelinnemannstudio A video ...

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9 Years of Playin' Hooky and a Surprise
Today marks 9 years since the beginning of Playin' Hooky. When I started it all, I had no idea how much my life would be affected by my little business. Your support helped (actually, helps) me through the hardest time of my life. Your laughs make my days b...

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Bryn's Butterflies at the Library
Some of my posts are sarcastic, others are funny, but some are serious too. This one is heartfelt. It's a post for my Bryn . She's my daughter who is now watching over me instead of living by my side. We lost her almost 4 years ago - just after her 5th birt...
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