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Anyone else play Ingress? 

I still cannot get over the "Haves and Soon-to-be-Haves" line from Mitch Daniels' SOTU response last night.

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To quote Cameron Bradley "There are not enough OMGs"

Oooh. Just tried Google hangouts for an office meeting. Worked great. Video was occasionally choppy, but generally good. The sound quality was actually better than the conference call phone lines we often use. And participants were more active.

Plus, there's an obvious advantage to seeing your colleagues as opposed to just hearing them.

Hangouts totally gets my approval... or like, or plus. whatever.

Wow. Today, VT is as warm as South Florida and warmer than every other state, except for... Maine.

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It's kind of a dream of mine to have my favorite radio show cover a topic I'm actually working on (or against, to be more accurate). But beyond my own interest in the topic, this is a really good show. Take a listen. The entire hour dedicated to a terrible new resource extraction method tearing up communities across the country.

Well, pretty good so far. Let's see what else this site can do...
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