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After talking with Black Watch welfare office today. The below idea is the only way to send parcels out to the boys. Or is anyone wishes to collect boxes in there own area then Parcel4troops will uplift them from you free of charge. parcel4troops have just today sent 250 parcels out to The Black Watch (3 scots) They have also just presented £1000 to the PRI and are going up to Inverness very soon to lay on a disco for the wives and a party for the kids all free.

If you would like to donate money to Parcel4Troops, you
can do this via Paypal - the same service that E-bay uses.
Just click on the Paypal logo and pledge money to the
e-mail address It's quick and
easy to send money through Paypal.

For every £10 you donate that will sent TWO BOXES in your name if you wish

All money receved by the 20th NOV will meen your box will arrive for xmas.

You can also state what Coy you wish your box should go to THIS WILL HAPPEN
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