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Cheryl Coffey

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Let's play a travel game..

Let's increase the awareness of where we live, who we are and thereby sharing to your circlers they get to know you just a little bit better. We all come from different corners of the world, but what binds us, is the community.

To play, follow the two simple steps on the original post :)
1. write the state, country your in, right now...
2. then share it..

I'll start.

New York, NY

Cheryl Coffey

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via +Divya Mistry
Pinkwashing- turning a product pink with the statement to "raise Breast Cancer Awareness" etc really pisses me off. here's a good reason why:

"Daniel Borochoff, president of the American Institute of Philanthropy explains that, “The makers of some pink products donate proceeds only for a limited time. These products may command a higher price tag, and sometimes they will remain on sale after the donation period ends — even with the higher price.”

In addition to limiting the amount of time that portions of pinkwashed proceeds will be donated, product manufacturers also usually put a cap on the total amount of money that will be donated. If that limit has already been reached by the time you buy your pink product, your purchase isn’t contributing a thing. But the company sponsoring Komen continues to proudly sport the pink persuasion anyway, in hopes that you’ll buy into it."

I was all with this blogger until she said you can cure cancer with alternative therapies, which I don't believe. but that stuff is on page four, and the first three are pretty good reading.

Cheryl Coffey

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Modern Kitchen Cleaners today are full of chemicals that can poison someone who does not know how to use them correctly. They can also poison children who get into them accidentally. They can be dange...

Cheryl Coffey

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Thank you! :) It is relaxing for me, too, if I am not on a dead-line. lol

Cheryl Coffey

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ThinkGeek originally shared:
Kind of amazing we didn't know the cause of moon flashes before, but also kind of comforting. Science: the gift that keeps on giving.
For hundreds of years, people have seen tiny flashes of light on the surface of the Moon. Very brief, but bright enough to be seen from Earth, these odd flashes still hadn’t been adequately explained ...

Cheryl Coffey

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Special ALT Characters for Google+
You can Use this character in your comment and post:

☺ ALt+1
☻ ALt+2
♥ ALt+3
♦ ALt+4
♣ ALt+5
♠ ALt+6
• ALt+7
◘ ALt+8
○ ALt+9
◙ ALt+10

♪ ALt+13
♫ ALt+14
☼ ALt+15

░ ALt+176
▒ ALt+177
▓ ALt+178
│ ALt+179
┤ ALt+180
╡ ALt+181
╢ ALt+182
╖ ALt+183
╕ ALt+184
╣ ALt+185
║ ALt+186
╗ ALt+187
╝ ALt+188
╜ ALt+189
╛ ALt+190
┐ ALt+191
└ ALt+192
┴ ALt+193
┬ ALt+194
├ ALt+195
─ ALt+196
┼ ALt+197
╞ ALt+198
╟ ALt+199
╚ ALt+200
╔ ALt+201
╩ ALt+202
╦ ALt+203
╠ ALt+204
═ ALt+205
╬ ALt+206
╧ ALt+207
╨ ALt+208
╤ ALt+209
╥ ALt+210
╙ ALt+211
╘ ALt+212
╒ ALt+213
╓ ALt+214
╫ ALt+215
╪ ALt+216
┘ ALt+217
┌ ALt+218

Cheryl Coffey

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ThinkGeek originally shared:
Divert auxiliary power to forward drink stain shields!
This Star Trek table is made from ash, poplar and cherry wood. It took me a month to build it and 2 tries to cut the 1/4 glass the way I wanted but
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OMG! Our friend Greg would die!
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