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Sexy Reads Sunday- The Gunslingers Woman by Kelly Dawson
It's Western Weekend here on my blog- and today for Sexy Reads Sunday I'm highlighting Kelly Dawson's newest The Gunslinger's Woman First of all, I have to say, that I am IN LOVE with her cover! Isn't it gorgeous? Amazon Buy Link: Blur...

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Hi Sat Spankers!!! GUESS WHAT?? My very first western daddy dom is finally out and it's ON SALE THIS WEEKEND ONLY!!!! I love a good sale, don't you? And, I know I'm a little biased, but I think you should go pick this one up ASAP- but if the words ON SALE h...

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Sexy Reads Sunday- Early Sins by Jennifer Bene
Sundays are all about hot coffee, cozy sock and sexy books! If you agree, and you're looking for a good book recommendation to finish up your weekend, you've come to the right place. I'll promo a new and hot read right here every Sunday! Today's book is Ear...

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WIP IT UP WEDNESDATY- Catching her Cowboy Daddy
Happy Hump Day! You know what makes hump day not quite so crappy? Getting to catch up with some of my favorite authors, and get a sneak peek at their upcoming projects! For my WIP- IT- UP this week- I have exciting news! My western daddy dom, Catching her C...

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Sexy Reads Sunday- Ressurection by Ashe Barker
Sexy Reads Sunday once again!  This week I am sharing a sexy excerpt from Ashe Barker's new paranormal time travel romance! HOLY HOTNESS! Here's a sneak peek! "Over
my knee, Janey." His
tone had softened, and the intimate use of her name gave her pause. Her...

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Sexy Reads Sunday-Casey's Choice by Alexis Alvarez
Sexy Reads Sunday- Casey's Choice Alexis Alvarez has a hot new book out- and it's my choice for today's post- a start of a new series called Sexy Reads Sunday. These excerpts are smoking-so let's jump right in! Excerpt:   “What do you think, Casey?   Think ...

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#SATSPANKS - On Stage Spanking Part Two
I always forget to sign up for these things- I need to set an alarm or something! Even thought it's been a few weeks, I'm going to jump right in and pick up where I left off. This is a continuation from last week (or rather a few weeks ago) Excerpt: The rau...

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Sat Spanks- A Public Spanking- On stage- Part One
Hi Sat Spankers! I'm so excited to share a favorite scene of my new book, Collared with you today! Collared is the first book in my new Vegas Nights series, and it takes place in a spanking themed BDSM nightclub in Las Vegas. It's different than anything I ...

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Hey All, Happy WIP_ IT_ UP WEDNESDAY! It's been a super slow year for me this far, with only a few re-releases in the beginning of the year- but I HAVE been writing and I should have at least 3 new books out (probably 4) before the year rolls to an end. My ...

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Wip-it-up Wednesday- My first Western
Hi Y'all- It's been a while. Every week I tell me self I'm going to sign up- and every week I forget. This week I remembered to sign up, and then forgot to post. Such is life in the summer I guess. I know it seems like I've been quiet for a bit, but I turne...
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