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We deliver you the news, you don't come looking for the news

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Venezuela Pres. Hugo Chavez Lost Battle to Cancer, Vice President Maduro Confirms

President Hugo Chavez lost his battle to cancer, an official confirmation was made few minutes ago by Vice President Nicholas Madura. Vice President Madura said President Chavez die 4:25 pm on Venezuelan television. President Chavez, 58 years old, could not recover from his battle with cancer to begin his re-election to a six-term as President of Venezuela which could had commenced in January 2013 but the country’s parliament passed legislation to give leeway for Chavez to recover and begin his six-term to massage the constitution which stipulated for official inauguration on January 10th.

Chavez had earlier called on Venezuelans to vote for his Vice President, Nicholas Maduro in the eventually he did not pull through his battle with cancer.
Vice President Maduro  yesterday expelled  two American military attaché at the United Embassy in Caracas on allegation of plotting  against the Venezuelan government. Vice President Maduro also said Chavesz’s cancer was an attack of foreign enemies that infected the late President and would launch a scientific investigation into his cancer.

Election will be held within thirty days for a new Venezuelan President in conformity with the country’s constitution.

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