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Kainy Update (1.75)

[All Platforms (Server Side)]
- Improvement: Better compatibility for Windows 8/10.
- Improvement: Some optimization (Kainy 2.0 -> Kainy 1.75).
- Info: Version 1.75 is compatible with 1.73, 1.74.


Since mid-January, I've started again this project with a new architecture/design and a new kind of development. I target the next level of streaming with this version and a lot of improvements (UI/Compression/Sounds/...). I added and I'll add suggestions from users and some ideas in mind.

I would like to release on Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, OSX and more for the version 2.0. I cannot release this version right now with this state but as soon some features/platforms specific will be available, I'll release.

This update will be free for all users of Kainy?
Yes, I'm not a big fan to charge again with people that helped this project.

It will be compatible with Kainy 1.0-1.75?
No, It's a new architecture. I'll keep legacy versions on the website.

I have suggestions/ideas?
Send me an email (support@k...) or comment below.
I always read your suggestions, feedback and comments. 




Since July, I got a contract in New York city for a gaming company.
Now I'm at home and I'll work on Kainy and new projects.

Thanks and have nice weekend,


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Some news. I'm still working on Kainy and I got some contracts.
Also, I worked on DeathSkidMarks to bring it in Beta mode. I received some feature requests for OUYA, Amazon and I would like to add them for the version 1.75. The next release will contain an IOS version. So don't hesitate to send your feature requests, feedback or suggestions. Even if I don't reply at all your email, I always add these requests inside the backlog and I'll try to implement these one for the next versions.

Here is renaissance of my old website. Previously(2006) the goal was to test the ecommerce with PayPal and some of my applications. 
Now it contains the repository of my projects. I'll release some projects later (old and new) but I'll release Kainy 1.75 before.

Thanks and have a nice weekend,


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Kainy Update (1.74)


Some people would like an Ads version of Kainy. Now it's available 
for the version 1.74 and should be available on Google Play soon.

Now, the server edition unlocks all clients devices.

I removed the Steam version on Google Play and here is the reason:
I submitted Kainy on SteamWorks December 3rd 2013 and I got the message that someone at Valve will contact me. One guys contacted me December 12th by email and he wrote there are concerns for Kainy. We got the phone call and he told me: sorry I should have called you before (while Greenlight) and the concern was a specific feature (Multi-Connection). He told me the next step will be that Valve will test and validate this feature doesn't infringe partnership that they have with others companies...
So after a couple of days(5), I sent a new email where I could remove this feature (multi-connections) for the Steam version but it seems that the reply button has vanished because I didn't get any reply since... Now, it's 3.5 months later, 5 emails sent since and I didn't get any news about that... Nice waste of time and a very accurate follow-up. To wrap up, the only good thing about this Greenlight/Steam submission was the $100 fund raising/donation for the Greenlight submission...

I'll work on the version 1.75.

[All Platforms]
- Improvement: Enable remote gamepad only when you use a gamepad buttons/controllers.

- New Platform: Android Ads version.

- Feature: Add left/right triggers on axis selectors.
- Bug Fixed: Multiple popups on axis selectors.

- Bug Fixed: Right analog stick offset for selection
- Feature: Add Gamepad emulation (analog sticks/buttons).
- Improvement: Add hardware mapping selection for analog sticks.
- Feature: Add gamepad controller mode option (Settings-R3).

[Server Edition]
- Add Android/Amazon versions.

- German localization updated (Credit: DarthLuda/Robert Schmidt.

Previous versions automatically enable the remote gamepad.
Now, it will be enable when you pressed on a gamepad button/controller.

Thanks and have a nice day,


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Kainy 2nd Anniversary!


Kainy was launched March 14th 2012. I'm still working on it and I have a lot of features that I would like to implement until the version 2.0 will be released. I didn't release the main features and I need to do some major modifications on this application before. 

I down the price at 99 cents for the Android version for the weekend. I'll release the 1.74 this weekend or Monday. This update will contain improvements/bugs fixed for the OUYA version, gamepad option, some modification on the server edition... 
1.75 will be IOS. More info soon about the Steam version, Server Edition, and more...

Thank you very much for your support, feedback and suggestions,

Kainy Update (1.73)


[All Platforms]
- Feature: Full gamepad emulation (Up to 4 gamepads).
- Feature: GamePad to Keyboard/Mouse.
- Feature: Lock mouse cursor on the current window (optional: Settings/Preferences)
- Bug Fixed: Black screen on specific games (Just Cause 2, Saints Row 3)
- Bug Fixed: Sounds crackles)
- Improvement: Better support for 64 bits games.
- Improvement: Some optimizations (Graphics/Networking).
- Improvement: Restore previous graphics settings.
- Improvement: Message added if the server version is lower than the client.

- Feature: Gamepad supported on touch screen (buttons/controls).
- Feature: Add Gamepad support for invisible controller (touch screen mode).
- Feature: Add Gamepad support on accelerometer.
- Feature: Add Gamepad support for hardware mapping.
- Feature: Add option to flip/swap axis for the accelerometer.
- Feature: Add option to flip axis (X/Y) for gamepad/joysticks.
- Feature: Add gamepad selector (up to 4 controllers).
- Bug Fixed: Gamepad mapping offset.
- Improvement: Disable hardware mapping debug when you are not in settings menu.
- Improvement: Hardware mapping buttons map on gamepad by default (except start/back).
- Improvement: Support more axis for gamepad/joysticks.

- Feature: Fullscreen option.
- Feature: Gamepad supported (old/new devices).
- Bug Fixed: Login/Settings info not saved.

- Feature: Gamepad supported.

[Server Edition]
- Add full version for OUYA.

- Swedish localization (Credit: Noah Berntsson).

GamePad to Keyboard/Mouse: your Gamepad will act like a
Keyboard/Mouse. It's useful when you want to play with a
Gamepad and your current game doesn't support Gamepad.

For the previous versions(<1.73) the GamePad was supported but only for the Keyboard/Mouse.

* Don't forget to update both versions (client/server).




I'm still working on the version 1.73 with improvements, features, requests, bugs fixing... I would like to release this version in some days (~3-5). Since today, the price on the OUYA is down at $0.99.
The price is down at $0.99 for Android version for the weekend.

Thanks and have a nice weekend,



I received Steams code for the game "Enclave" from a Kainy User 
(splitted in half between Facebook and Google+)

STEAM key to Enclave - 767FF-HLY95-M5BCX
STEAM key to Enclave - PE76K-P8MHZ-VL2B0
STEAM key to Enclave - CITDV-F904C-0DR4K
STEAM key to Enclave - 7AW7E-VY03J-GP0KX
STEAM key to Enclave - 6J6VR-HQJFT-2M25E
STEAM key to Enclave - NJKZI-2RB87-R5AGK
STEAM key to Enclave - K9E6R-T46N5-R26C6
STEAM key to Enclave - KL5DH-74NEP-7BHAA
STEAM key to Enclave - THH78-EM9X7-XRZQB
STEAM key to Enclave - NEPXQ-0BMEH-NQ63F
STEAM key to Enclave - FW6HW-49RRL-LY5QG
STEAM key to Enclave - TNIWK-M32QG-MAYDV

Thanks for elli0tco for these gifts!



Kainy Update (1.72)


I'm still working on the version 1.75 but I received a lot of emails about how to get the full versions for PC-Client and/or Chrome. I would like to use Steam (Steam-Version) but the current status is still in waiting for approval... So I did a licensing system with Kainy and PayPal. On the website, Go to download section to get more info about the "Server Edition".

[Server Edition with PayPal]
- Payment with PayPal for Server Edition.
- Server Edition unlocks Chrome and PC version.

Currently, the Server edition unlocks Chrome and PC-Client version.
I'll probably add others platforms later.
Server Edition: All future updates and platforms for customers will be free.


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