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Dwyndal Dee
Socially Circled: Geek, Tech, Design, Music, Web, Fun and den and den and den
Socially Circled: Geek, Tech, Design, Music, Web, Fun and den and den and den
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That #awkward moment when the voice you have been calling "ma'am" at the drive thru turns out to be a man. 

So at the end of day one, FB is still just FB but almost a +1 haha

There is no mountain to climb, you build that as you advance past ground zero. And with looking back, it will be nothing more than a big hill to keep the ball rolling. Whether you are with me or not, I'm going places. ~DD

Has anyone used a mindmap program for both pc or mac, the one I used was only for PC and very generic. If I could get my way I would use an online system but there are so many choices, any input would be great.

I have access to a Samsung Galaxy II Tablet that someone is looking to sell at $350. Let me know if you are interested. It's 4 months old barely used.

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Awesome use of space and crafting to absorb the outsiders in. Hit previous for a few videos too that gives you a better understanding!!! #taperiot
A friend of mine is working with a street artist, who uses black to create other perspective and dimensions of the street. As for her - she is doing contemporary dance performances and acts, which included a modern dance performed in a dress, made out of beer caps. Together they are Tape Riot, which results in pretty cool things! I hope to see them in Berlin very soon.

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I must try this game it looks like a lot of fun. +Wade B
Fez video review
#gaming #videogame #games #video #review #entertainment

There's a lot of fuss (or fez?) about this game. I've not played it myself but now very interested after watching this review from +GameSpot. Who has played it?

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It's a pretty sweet item, i love the fact that it's a keyboard. +Wade B
Mini keyboard doubles as a wireless handset.

Japan's Elecom rolled out this crazy all-purpose peripheral today. It's a wireless keyboard that works with just about any device via Bluetooth. And it doubles as a wireless handset -- you use it like a cell phone.

Obviously, the best use for this would be with an iPad or an Android tablet. It fits in your pocket, gives you a physical keyboard and lets you use your tablet as a Skype phone.


Sold only in Japan.

Props to +Jiacheng Khoo

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Boston Market - buy one get one free meal - can't hurt.
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