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Francine Hardaway (ZEDO)
A full service ad tech partner for publishers
A full service ad tech partner for publishers

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Well, as @edaz said, it's easier at a standing desk if you stand barefoot. I've just stood for two hours. Time to sit!

@howardlindzon thinks everyone sees the world his way:-) Not as big an audience as he thought. @stocktwits @PandoDaily 

Listening to @howardlindzon be interviewed by @sarahcuda on Pando Monthly. He's one funny guy. No, Howard, Intel wouldn't have made u rich.

Park this morning. With Gena Anderson Carol Christiansen, Sharon B. Salomon and Felix Salomon

More photos from Singh Farms. This time during the market. Very crowded. Notice the piles of compost to be sold for soil in gardens.

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Levers helps you simulate and forecast growth by looking at your Google Analytics in different ways

Happy New Year! To start the new year off with some fireworks, ZEDO is proud to announce that always the technology leader, we’re going to be added to the Nielsen beta test for mobile online campaign ratings — the first time advertising will be bought like television, on the basis of Gross Rating Points (GRPs). It has taken a long time for advertisers to accept that video could be bought like television rather than on the basis of click-throughs, the antiquated metric they were accustomed to in display advertising (and which doesn’t work anymore anyway).
What does this mean? For the industry, it means that digital video advertising has finally come of age. For ZEDO, among other things it means we’ve developed an SDK for our ZINC clients that will allow a video ad to play when a user closes or minimizes an app. It’s an entirely new format that won’t interrupt the use of the app itself, but will be a new form of in-app, or perhaps better called “after-app” advertising, and it will be acceptable to new privacy standards because when a user chooses the free version of an app he or she  implicitly consents to view advertising.
ZEDO’s new SDK can also layer on location-based information to make the targeting more precise, and further layer on contextual data. including negative keyword exclusions. The format delivered is a highly targeted, non-interruptive mobile video ad for our ZINC buyers, who are letting us know that they want something beyond pre-roll — something that will let them contact an audience that isn’t viewing video sites. They’re blown away when they see these new formats.
For the past year on both the ZEDO and the ZINC sides we’ve focussed all of our R&D on video and mobile video, because there are many problems left to solve in the mobile video advertising arena before video advertising becomes as exciting and effective as TV advertising has been for the past fifty years. I’ve often reiterated that I thought online advertising could be as good an experience for the viewer as TV, and 2014 is the year in which this will come to fruition.
However, I’m not sure I predicted the speed of the shift to mobile. The Consumer Electronics Association’s December survey revealed that 80% of new buyers opt for a smart phone.
In the mean time, on the ZINC side, we have launched an “automated buying” platform, through which agencies can buy automatically without buying “programmatically.” There’s a real difference between those two ways of buying, and while programmatic buying often means a loss of control, automating the buying process can be a time-saver for media planners and still let them keep control of where and how they buy.

I hate it when they change the live recording time for the #GillmorGang @stevegillmor @TinaGillmor. Your penalty? Coffee next weekend.
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